Powda's view on politics

The Politics Forum is WAY too serious for me. :slight_smile:

And according to it every politician that has ever lived is:

  1. A terrorist
  2. God
  3. Can do more chinups than Zeb
  4. Can eat more in one meal than Professor X can eat in a week
  5. Not quite cool b/c they’re not from Canada like Vroom
  6. Not even a human; they’re just a puppet on strings created by an amazing artist that keeps his craft a secret. The person controlling the strings is none other Chuck Norris.
  7. Busy somewhere Tube Steak Boogying
  8. So Superhuman that even TC stops thinking about panties when he sees their image or hears their voice
  9. Bound to kill each and everyone one of us and make the world collapse
  10. Omniscient and omnipotent and should somehow be able to know at one time everything that is wrong with the world and be able to fix it. And since they can’t by magic the other parties choice sure can in 5 seconds or less!