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Powda's New Program


It's been a long time since I wrote a program for myself b/c for most of the last year I've stuck with Waterbury workouts. Occassionally I changed them a bit to suit my needs or my schedule but I've loved them.

Sometimes though you want to do something different or your schedule or diet mandates a different approach (e.g. I did a lower volume split-body program this summer when I worked out and I tried a 3x3 strength phase when I was on the V-diet once). Hell for the two weeks preceding this program I just went to the gym and did whatever I felt like doing; just making sure to hit most of my muscle groups.

But school has started again and I wanted to try something that I haven't done in awhile. I also started driving to school (which takes a lot longer b/c it's a 1-1.25 mile walk to class from the parking lot) rather than biking b/c campus is right next to my gym. I also wanted to start lifting right before class but I never get up early in the morning so that's not going to happen. So I now work out right after.
I also wanted to start working out 5x a week and try more "split-body" training (sort of) and hit muscle groups at least twice a week. I also wanted to do some stuff I haven't done in forever; maybe some cable cross-overs or a machine or two simply b/c I had NOT done them.

This is what I came up with:

Notes: I start off every workout with some HIIT. I get on the treadmill and incline it to a 6% grade and run sprints at 10.5 mph
A sample goes like this
Walk at 4mph for 30 seconds; hop off treadmill for 30 seconds and let it rev up to 10.5mph. Sprint for 60 seconds. Get off treadmill and slow it down 3mph. Walk for 60-90 seconds and then hop off and rev it back up and sprint for 50 seconds. Then I'll hop back off and walk at 3mph for 60-90 seconds or so then rev it back up and sprint for 40 seconds. It kicks the living crap out of you! Then I cool down on the bike for about 5 minutes or so.

Also at the beginning of each workout I do some inferior trap work to help correct my protracted shoulder. I basically get on a 60 degree incline bench and raise my arms to 10 and 2 (Thanks Chad Waterbury!)

All exercises are 3x8 with a fast as I can concentric tempo and a controlled eccentric tempo. Supersets (A1, A2) have 60 second rest periods (A1, 60 seconds, A2, 60 seconds, A1...etc). For my leg exercises I rest 2.5 min between sets
For loading I use about 70% of 1RM (about a 10RM)
NOTE: I'm doing 3x8 b/c I only did it once before and I wanted to do a rep scheme my body is unfamiliar with for the most part (Hell I just did Single's Club a month ago)

DAY 1:
A1) Standing Military Dumbell Press
A2) Wide Grip Pull-ups
B) Front Squats
C1) Dumbell Shurgs
C2) Lat Pulldowns

Day 2:
A1) Close Grip Bench
A2) Close Grip Chins
B) Stiff-legged deadlifts
C1) Hammer Curls
C2) Tricep Pressdowns

Day 3:
A1) Flat bench press
A2) Standing Calf Rasies
No leg movement
B1) Cable Crossovers
B2) Seeted Calf raises
C1) Ab exercise

Day 4:
A1) Military Press
A2) Shoulder-width Pull ups
B) Leg Curls
B1) Lat Raises (Machine or dumbells)
B) Lat Pulldown machine

Day 5:
A1) Weighted Dips
A2) Standing Calf Raises with Bent Knees
B) Dumbell Lunges
C1) Incline Bench
C2) No weight calf raises- 3 sets of 40 reps.

For progression I raise the weight about 2.5% per workout.

So I know I'll get a few flames for a few of the exercises listed but in case you noticed I prioritized the compound lifts first. The main reason I'm doing an exercise such as shrugs is for variety b/c I haven't done them in a long time.
Also you'll notice that I have no horizontal pulling movements; this was done purposely b/c it was reccomended to me by biomechanics professor to avoid them until I make more progress correcting my protracted shoulders.


overhead pressin and benchin 5 times a week. do you still want your shoulders?


I don't see it as being an issue.
And hell a lot of trainees have done more volume in that area in a single workout than I'm doing in one week.



I bet you get lots of wtf stares from that one! hahahaholy schnikies!

Your program looks fine. Actually, it was too complicated for me to read. But who gives a sh!t what anyone thinks? If it works for YOU, then we want to know.

Keep us updated, yeah?



I think it sucks. You have way more pressing movements than squats or deadlifts. You have around 8 exercises for your pressing muscles and 2 or 3 that will hit your posterior chain. Too much volume. If you can do presses 5 days a week then you aren't working out hard enough. This routine licks the ball sack intensely.


Everyone seems to love The Waterbury Method so much; please tell me how many posterior chain movements you find in it? Plus I'm running intervals every workout; I consider that a leg workout would you not?
But on that note maybe I should double the leg workouts and do a supeset instead of just movement per day. That seems like a viable option

Too much volume? Did you read JB's article today or CW's the other day? I think it might not be enough!


I'll keep you updated. As I said before this is not my TYPICAL training program; it's an experiment that will be modified as I go.
As I just mentioned in my last post it would probably be a good idea to do some more leg work and I'll modify it. The reason I kept it so low before was b/c of the intervals; those are a leg workout in themselves.


Interesting. No comments but I am anxious to see how it goes for you.

take care


Buy doing HIIT training before you are lifting weights you are directly decreasing the amount you can lift because you are prefatiguing yourself.

Better to do weights first so you can get out every rep possible, and do cardio work after, to get the last bit of energy out.

This I think is a better version of your program. I thought it was a bit unbalanced and some moves were really hard on the shoulders. As someone else said though, if it works for you, sweet.

Note. If not specified, rest less than 2min between consecutive sets

DAY 1: Push
A) Bench Press 5-8 x 2
B) BB Lunges 12-20 x 2
C) Incline DB Press 6-10 x2
D1) Standing DB Shoulder Press 8-12 x 2
D2) Dips 7-15 x 2
E) Tricep Pushdown 1x triple drop set
F) HITT to heart's desire

Day 2: Pull
A) Deadlift 4-8 x 3
B1) Seated Row 6-12 x 2
B2) Standing Reverse Flyes 10-15 x 2
C) Stiff Leg deadlifts 8-20 x 3

(soft knee, tight back)
D1) Chin ups 6-15 x 2
(palms towards you)
D2) Preacher curl 9-14 x2
(95% of elbow ext, control slow descent)
E) HITT to heart's desire

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Full Body
A) Clean & Press 3-8 x 3
B) Incline Bench 8-12 x 2
C) Back Squat 6-15 x 3
D) Leaning Pull Ups 8-12 x 2
E) Leg Press 15-20 x 2
F) Easy cardio 30mins +

Day 5: Full Body
A) Deadlift 4-8 x 3
B1) DB Bench Press 8-12 x 2
B2) Seated Row 8-12 x 2
C) Long stance DB Lunges 12-20 x 2
D1) Dips 6-15 x 2
D2) Chin Ups 6-15 x 2
E) HITT or Easy cardio
Day 6: Rest

Log process and strive for more reps on every exercise, every week. When reaching top amount of reps with super control, increase weight.


That is quite a good program and a most excellent post! I might give that a try after this mini-cylce is over.

As far as the HIIT prior to working out I thought the same thing for years but I've found it's not the case! I don't seem to be noticing any performance decreaes; I'm just a lot more sweaty.

I actually feel more pumped and ready to go compared to doing a 5-10 min bike warm up or none at all. In essense I'm sort of "turning on" the glyolytic pathway. Also I wish I had a reference to a study but active recovery (such as I'm doing on the bike) speeds up ATP re-generation.

The reason I wrote this program as such is to minimize fatigue.

For one I'm doing the inferior trap work which is with 5-10lb weights and is hardly taxing. I threw legs in the middle of the workout to rest my upper body (which is the case for the most part unless I'm doing deadlifts).


Well your certainly right but they also talk about variation, different set/rep schemes, ME, DE, Endurance Sports....if you stick to 3x8 for all your w/o I think you could burn out quite quickly.

What do you think?


I have to agree here. I mean you can go to the gym 5 days in a row but you really should vary the rep/set/weight scheme a bit or you will burn out.

I made a 3 on 1 off program and didn't adjust the rep/set/weight scheme and burnt out after two weeks..

So something along the lines of, go heavy on day one (high set, low rep, high weight) then go down on day two (low set, high rep, low weight) to speed up recovery, then increase again but not as much as day 1 maybe, etc..

Basically add variety to avoid the body adapting and to allow for recovery in order not to burn out..

Something that might favour this is doing 5 days a week but with a 2on/1off/3on/1off cycle.

What you recon?


I think the program is fine just don't do it for a real long time. change to a different program after a couple of months.


How many times have you tripped trying to get on the treadmill and went shooting across the gym?



I would add in some (actually, a lot more) rowing and some external rotation. You might not ever need it, but it certainly won't hurt your shoulders.



I think you would get alot more out of a lot less.


I mentioned at the end of my thread why I'm not doing that currently.


My apologies. I read everything but the last paragraph and of course its the one I needed to avoid making an ass of myself :slight_smile:



:slightly_smiling: It's cool. It's odd and goes to show how little most personal trainers now but when I was 17 and in my newbie days of lifting the head trainer at my old gym reccomended that I start doing reverse flyes to hit my rhomboids and posterior deltoids to fix my shoulders and that seems like the most logical course. It wasn't until I spoke to my professor who has a doctorate in PT that b/c of the way those muscles pull on the shoulder that they actually WORSEN the condition.


Luckily not yet :slight_smile:

I think I'm going to crank it up to about 10.6-10.7mph today also :slight_smile:

But hey at least I bring a sweat towel and wear headphones so I don't have to hear myself huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.

Foopa's in trouble the next time she attempts to run away!

I'm odd; I can lift a pretty good amount of weight (Squats and deads are both a bit over 4 plates and the last time I maxed on bench I hit 365 though I'm not sure I can do that currently), but I also have a rather good aerboic capacity (My VO2 max was 45 when I was heavier and fatter over a year ago so it's probably closer to ~50 now).

One of the most important yet neglected aspects of lifting is "feeling good." It's one of the reasons I hate bulking and the whole sluggish feeling that accompanies it.