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Powda's BACK


Tempe; Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona Watch out! The Powda is back....

P.S. The first thing I did upon returning was chase the "I got out again!" Foopa.


picture from the foopa's miscellaneous travels...


thats frightening.


Glad I'm not in Tempe, Scottsdale or Phoenix!


Haha I live in Glendale & Peoria


Foopa and powda together again...


Thats touching. It's like Old Yeller, Sounder, and Cujo alll wrapped up in one big warm burrito, with some kind of strange sauce.


...the twisted love that God himself hath railed against.........is once more


YUP! We're re-united.
As my room-mate picked me up from the airport at 9:30 this morning he told me Foopa had gotten loose last night. So I came home; went in and there was Foopa outside the fence in the backyard. So I went out to say hi to her; she came to say hi, walked to the front door and sprinted off. I couldn't catch her even after a whole summer of caddying!
So we left her to go do what she wants, and when we came back she was laying out the front door waiting to come in. As my room-mate went around the back of the house and I waited around the front so we could flank her, she instead decided to come up to me around my car (which my room-mates turned into a storage bin), and roll on her belly to play. We then leashed her up and took her in. Now she's just chilling in my house (which is in shambles, anyone want to clean it?)
It's good to be back


Yet another picture that is wrong on so many levels.


I think I shall have to try and re-enact that picture tonight Powda style.


Xen...you caught me! How did you ever manage to find a picture of me before the Velocity Diet plus daily Foopa chases?