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POW Help!!!!!

In yet another step to make T-Nation a little more, shall we say, “By the people, for the people,” we are asking you to give us a hand in selecting the Poster of the Week winners.

This, we feel, will make the award mean that much more. An award not only given from the folks behind the scenes, but also nominated by the very peers in which they interact from day to day.

So what do we need from you???


If you could PM me, T-Omega, with your nominations. Just a simple name, PLEASE just the name, of the member you feel deserves recognition for their recent contribution to our community.

We will then compile the top nominee’s. Review their recent post. Then make the final decision on the winners.

This all begins NOW!!! The first revised POW will be awarded this coming Wednesday. Then proceeding bi-weekly for the time being.


The question of repeat winners, and not knowing who has been awarded as of yet has come up several times in the PM’s I am receiving all ready.

I will cut and paste the response to these questions to make our stance clear on this issue.

[quote]Yes we have that little issue of repeating our selves, ya or na.

I am thinking we are leaning towards ya. It simply is not fair to give an award to a lesser poster if one or a few that have all ready been awarded are noticeably more deserving.

That said, if we have a few that are close, we will lean towards the ones that have not received recognition.

Thanks for the response so far,

My response would be “of course”, if someone is a truly prolific elucidator (say that ten times fast), they should get recognition. Maybe just make a rule that it can’t be back-to-back, so others till have a chance.

[quote](*MODERATOR NOTE Point well taken, and we feel covered by the above statement. We have yet to repeat a winner at all, let alone back to back. Just trying to coevr every angle as the # of awards rises it simply gets more difficul to ignore the fact we may duplicate a winner from time to time.

This should not only give “others a chance,” but also give the ability to recognize a poster again if they earn it. It will also have the effect of keeping the Bar high for the award.

Thanks for you input,
T-Omega [/quote]

More nominations are very welcome. We will be narrowing it down and picking the next POW verys soon.

Thanks, and keep up the GREAT post, and nominations all.