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Poverty In The U.S.


At least 90 % of poverty in this country is self inflicted. There, I said it.


And much of what we call "poverty" here is opulent living in many other parts of the world.


Agreed, what poor people can make here in a week might be equal to what others make in a month or two.


what do we expect when we are brought up learning we deserve everything irregardless of whther we earned it or not, or that we are not responsible for anything we do and will not be held accountable.

You can run your credit into the ground, neglect your family or families and still receive more help then the widow of a dying veitnam vet.


I didn't really want to get into comparing us to the rest of the world. It's obvious that poverty here is nothing compared to Ethiopia. I was specifically talking about the U.S. and I truly believe that the vast majority of the poor are there because of an entitlement mindset and/or sheer laziness and stupidity.

I started this thread because, at Food World this morning, I was behind a girl with a cart full of ribs, seafood, and top shelf meat cuts, and she pulled an EBT card out of her Coach bag to pay for it. When I was in the parking lot loading my groceries she pulled out in a 2003 Land Cruiser. I wanted to chase her down and choke her with a handful of job applications.

It makes me sick to think that +- 10% of my income goes to support this shit. I'm going to watch football and drink beers. Good day.


to add....If you are in "poverty" and have cable, STFU!!!!


See it every day. EXACTLY what you are describing only here it's a Bridge card.

Nice clothes, nice car, cell phone, and a mountain of groceries being paid for by ME... who is walking the streets putting flyers on doors by the thousands for computer repair trying to keep my house. I drive a 14 year old car, wear used clothes and shoes and am the most frugal grocery shopper on Earth, but not these leeches.

We qualify for all kinds of "public assistance", but I will not take it because despite paying my obscene taxes for 23 years I see what that shit does to the human spirit and I'm afraid I'll get a bit too comfortable getting paid not to work. I've walked hundreds of miles and handed out 200,000 flyers in the last 2 years rather than let those assholes get their claws in me.


It's sad when you see people or know people personally like this that are mentally/physically capable of getting everything they need from just working hard. "Me now" attitudes are unfortunately ingrained in our America.


As you surely guessed I entirely agree, but this is by design. These anti American nanny state liberals need these people to need them. That is how they gain, expand and retain power.

Every single major thing this gang has done since Jan, 20 is about creating as much additional dependence in the most horrific rapid fire fashion possible. This goes right along with what I was saying in the other thread. I have to believe that you must be wondering if there isn't something to this by now.

You know for me this has nothing whatever to do with what #@!%&^ color this guy is. It's about a pernicious freedom strangling ideology that this nation was founded exactly for the purpose of avoiding.


very true


90% is a bit over the top i think, but yea these systems are being abused far too heavily, good ideas that turn into voting generators. I don't think food stamps are a bad program for the govn't to run, but i also have huge problems with people living off of unemployment ( and yes even in San Diego its possible).

Why haven't a big group of conservatives committed political suicide while the republicans have had dominance and bring in big welfare, unemployment, and assistance programs reform? They would all be walking into plush jobs with lobby groups or think tanks so i dont think money is the issue holding them back.


Yeah, I got in an argument with one of my friends, he worked for BOSS nutrition's warehouse and got laid off, his wife works at a bank, but he has been collecting unemployment. He was offered a job with benefits but wouldn't take it because he would only make 150 more a week then unemployment after accounting for daycare for his son.

All he does is sit home and play ps3, I used to have him over for fights and to train, but I told him unless you are trying to get a job don't talk to me. I was never really close with him but the thought of his pathetic existance makes me want to hurt him. And to top it all his wife called mine complaining because he was trying to get her to go off the pill to have a nother child.

People like that just sicken me, like how can you look at yourself as a man.


Worst part for me? There are actually people out there who need legitimate help - and every dollar given to someone who won't help themselves takes that dollar away from someone who can't.

A worthwhile reminder of "America's cheapest family", which includes five kids and lives debt free, survives on less than $35,000 a year:


And part of it is cultural generational shifts - imagine your grandparents living on the public dole. They'd eat dirt before they would yield their pride of independence and self-reliance, and yet, such integrity is all too often derided in the modern age.


And they say unemployment subsidies don't cause unemployment... christ on a fucking crutch.


I've been collecting it for about 3 months. I had a job at a startup for about 6 weeks after I got laid off after my last job and almost wasn't able to get my unemployment going again after I got laid off from the startup.

I've been disinclined to take whatever work comes along because of my experience going through 2 layoffs in a short period of time and having to wait for an official investigation into whether or not I should be entitled to UI. $1900 in hand a month is pretty tough to turn down when your living costs are low, employers are skittish, and finding a decent place of employment these days is a total crapshoot. There are A LOT of bad employers out there and they can really screw you down the road.


I wasn't meaning to suggest that all people on unemployment are lazy bastards. I only meant to propose that when you subsidise something, you end up with more of it. Unemployment payments are a subsidy of unemployment, hence we end up with more unemployment. I wasn't trying to make a normative statement, just a positive one.


I was actually making your point for you. I am financially disincentivized from taking work because I've already paid into the CA unemployment system through my tax dollars and I run the risk of not collecting it if I start working for a bad employer who will just lay me off/fire me shortly down the road. From my point of view, I paid $2k a month in taxes while I had a steady job, and I want some of that back. If everyone else can be a deadbeat, so can I.

I do have friends who've been collecting it for over 18 months and haven't even looked. Others are collecting UI and are working under the table.


This is VERY true. People who CAN work are milking the system, costing billions, and taking away potential help from people who REALLY can't work.


My mother teaches special needs. She recently had to have a major surgery. While she was out she was "making" a good bit more not working than she did working. It's just sad.


The trouble with the first part of this, which taken by itself and properly defined and implemented I could live with, is that it inevitably leads to the second.