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Poverty Bench Plateau

My bench has always lagged far behind my other lifts Sq/B/D 170/95/222.5
I’ve trained it hard using both 5/3/1 and 5x5, nothing seems to work, I’ve spent some time under bands and even that hasnt helped, I can rep 90 for 3 but as soon as 100 gets on the bar i cant get it off my chest.
To give an idea of how weak my bench is compared to my other lifts, i can strict press 70kg push press 100kg and jerk 120, power clean 110.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Do you have any video of you benching?

Video your technique using singles at a heavier weight so we can see where a break down might occur.

If you’re a relative beginner, I’d suggest starting at 50% of your max and do 5’s adding 5kg per set until you reach a weight you can no longer do for 5. Following week do the same thing using 3 reps. Same thing the following week using 2 reps; then start over. Simple and effective.

Not at the moment unfortunately

In this case especially videos are needed. Your press is oddly close to your bench.

This could be a mental thing. Many guys struggle with mentally overcoming 2 plates. So try a spotter.

Post a video of you benching. How strong are your rows/pull ups? What is your general training history? It sounds like a mixture of sub par form, and a weak back, possibly weak pecs and/or triceps too. Your press is decent so your shoulders shouldn’t be an issue (possibly actually part of the problem).

Everything is just educated guessing until we know these things.