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Poverty Bench - Help Me Fix It



Brandon Lilly used this method for raw lifting.


Gaelic strikes again.


Context: The Cube Method (CB) is a badly written training program. It lacks complexity/difficulty, but mainly logic. I read some reviews from people, which CB didn’t help. CB contains elements for equipped lifting. CB is a nearly copied program from Westside Barbell. If I’m not mistaken, Lilly and Simmons have led a court that won Simmons, and Lilly must to pay copyright fees.


I don’t use the Cube, I don’t particularly care for it, but it is not written only for equipped lifters and lots of people have had good results with it. The biggest problem that I see with it is that Brandon Lilly just took the program that he himself used and gave it to other people to use, and they aren’t him.


The main issue is you have no power off the chest. I suggest doing 2 pressing days a week looking something like this. Just add a little weight and drop sets/reps every week. (standard progressive overload)
Day One
Paused bench 3x5x80%
Deadpress 6x1x85%
Spoto press 4x5x75%
chest accessories

Day 2
Seated military press 3x3x85%
speed bench 8x3x70%
Close grip 3x5x75%
shoulder/tricep accessories