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Poverty & 2010 Winter Olympics

We will be hearing more and more on this topic so I thought I’d get the jump on it.

It seems that the well off anti-poverty activists think the money being spent on the Olympic games should be given to the poor. Now I have a difficult time with this. First most of the poor are that way because they are lazy. Until recently I wouldn’t have made that statement. However here in British Columbia we are booming, companies are begging for employees. The Government is advertising everywhere for workers to come to our province to work. But these lazy ass shits will not work.

Then there are all the jobs the Olympics are creating. The venues that will still be here after and all the jobs they will create. Still these activists thing we should give the money to these lazy SOB’s. Which they will just waste and create nothing and then want more handouts.

It’s not a pretty situation being poor, I’ve been down that road so I understand how it is. However all through history there has been the poverty stricken. But the situation is not permanent and one can climb the ladder. There are a thousand excuses for being poor and one solution, work your ass off and stop using substances.

Let the Games Begin, 2010 will Rock!