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POV: Guy Stuck in Class (College Humor)



Draw cubes, draw cubes...






Girl with big boobs didn't really have big boobs, but they were nice boobs nonetheless.



Fuckin' gold.


That is an exact reenactment of my high school/college days.


When im in class I keep a tally of every time I look at the clock.


Two things I used to do, well, still do, are write those S things in the video a ridiculous amount of times, and also I write my first and last names in bubble letters repeatedly.


LMAO the ending made me laugh so hard.

  • 5/5


''You're a nutsacks nutsack''
I burst out laughing at this.

Dang that was good. More like my highschool days than college days. Pretty cools stuff


Wow, great video!

Fucking hilarious... all too familiar. Good find indeed.


Haha quality I think we've all been there.


Its like how I acted in ever Gen ed class that I didnt give a shit about and was completely unrelated to my major.


my major is gen ed =(


Hahaha. That fart thing happened to me before. And I draw cubes all the fucking time.