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Pour Some Sugar on Me


I haven't posted too much in these parts since last fall and let my last log in PW die out for a variety of reasons. However, I miss keeping a training log and thought I'd move it to the old(er) peoples section.

I will be entering my 8th meet this Saturday in the company of Ruggerlife. It's just a small local open meet for a bit of fun since I skipped nationals last weekend due to the non-appearance of the cash fairy.

My last meet was Provincials the end of January. The attached picture is my final pull of 151.0 kg (332lbs). This weekend I hope to pull 160.0 (353). I'm looking to squat up to 140 (308) and bench 70 (155) so we'll see what happens.

I haven't really trained since last Thursday other than one day in my shirt on Sunday and some light stuff Tuesday night. Physical stuff has been primarily confined to putting up a bitch of a shed in the back yard to get the bikes and stuff out of the garage to make more room for the gym...


Hey girl!! I was thinking about moving my thread over here but you beat me and I'm no copycat!! Can't wait to see your training.


Awright!! Ms. O in da haus!


Thanks for the welcome back. Tootles you should move your log over here too. It seems pretty male heavy. It needs some more ladies.

On the subject of aging, my hips have been giving me grief for a while so I ordered a pair of power pants from Inzer. I think the multi-ply guys wear then under their suits but I was looking for a cheap alternative to Rehband compression shorts. I'm going to try them under my Centurian for a laugh but obviously I can't compete in them. I want them for training to get a bit of hip support.


Hey Giraffe lady, this will be fun to follow along.


Thanks D. Of course the money I didn't have for nationals came through after the deadline (tax return). That's how I'm getting the power pants. I've also ordered an erector shirt. I'm not sure if you've seen them but they're shirts of the same material of a z-suit but you wear it to squat and pull. Apparently it's IPF legal and supports your core. I think Claude Dallaire uses one. I'm getting both for Frank for his birthday as well. I've also order a custom Centurian - black with pink trim. I asked them to leave the straps long so I can sew them myself. I ordered the suit 3 1/2 weeks ago. Hopefully I'll have it soon. Can you say gear whore? hahaha.


Excellent numbers. The 2.5+ x bw deadlift in your picture puts some of us to shame. Good, need to shake us old guys up every now and then. Not a powerlifter but I'll follow you're thread with interest. Welcome.


Hey Julie, glad to see you over here. Thats one hell of a pull.


Be great to have you here with the old farts Julie! I've missed reading your antics and training on your old log.


Gear whore, yes I can say it!
I'm so glad to be done with gear for now. You are right, I think Claude uses that shirt thing, but I'll never get near another z-suit type of thing again. I still have to try and get into my new Metal suit, but not until the fall at least.
Maybe I'll steal whatever training you are doing, I'm still not sure what I'm going to get up too. First I have to get rid of this cold, then back to the gym. It's gonna hurt!
Peter wants to do Ste. Marie for his first comp, I'm thinking it's a good place to start, what do you think?
Oh yeah, and Savannah has her first meet on Saturday, 63kg class. You should see her hamstrings, puts Mom to shame.


awesome to have you over here now. i'll be watching the whoredom:)


welcome aboard. finally someone who knows the joys of fitting your body into scratchy tight poly (but just for suppport) here on the old farts forum. Bunny keeps stating he is going to gearwhore it, but, well, we'll see.


you're as happy as a pig in shit right now....



I've always wanted to know how a giraffe pulls, but didn't know it until now. Welcome back to the forums.


Says he who lifts 'raw' with damn near every item on Inzer's catalogue, minus the shirt. But wait, what is that, a rageX in your closet, calling your name?????


My shenanigans have been limited since I've gotten together with another powerlifter who has moved his stuff (and himself) in with me and we've gotten really busy. Our combined garage gym kicks ass now. We have two benches, two bars, approximately 800lbs in olympic plates and 200lbs in 1" plates for my dumb bell handles, 10 (I think) sets of training bands, a rack and a couple of wooden boxes for pulling and box squats.

It's great having a committed training partner :slight_smile: We had a laugh last week doing speed work with bands. We were squatting with just the bar and trying some of the big bands. We talked about maybe throwing a couple of the bikes on the ends of the bars just to make things interesting. That's why we're throwing a bunch of crap in a shed, to resist the urge to squat weird shit.


Hey BFF!!

welcome back ObS!

Glad you and Frank got cozy, now tear it up at that meet


sorry that Meat so rudely hijacked the thread. Great pulling BTW. Would like to hear your opinion on the powerpants. The group of lifters I train with, myself included, have noticed a decline in 'quality control' from Inzer, at least for anything made of the winter (read "texas highschool powerlifting season"). I have an old pair that were great, but too worn. My newest ones are trash. Problems with my real briefs galore...


I'll let you know what I think. Everything but my belts and singlet are Titan. I love the super Centurian. I have yet to try anything that compares to it for me (single ply at any rate)

Do you get any carryover out of the briefs? I'm getting them to keep my hips supported but we thought if I get enough carryover from them we'd use them as an alternative to training straps down. I train that way a lot and I thought it might save some wear and tear on my suit.

Have you ever used an erector shirt?


Thanks puppet guy. He moved in about a month ago and it's been great.

We'll see how I do at the meet. After provincials I changed my training quite a bit. A comment was made that it would be interesting to see how strong I could get when I quit beating the crap out of my body training a shit ton of volume and going heavy as much as I do. With input I created a template in which I was benching, squatting and pulling heavy once each week. I pull Sunday, bench Tuesday and squat Thursday for ME. On bench day, I squatted for speed and squat day I benched for speed. There was other assistance stuff thrown in as well.

I have noticed increases. I was doing zerchers at 225 off the pins for sets of four. I managed to pull 4 plates off boxes from just below my knees. That became more of a grip issue. The weekend we moved Frank down here, I pulled 355 but couldn't get it past my knees. I think I can at a meet with the pure adrenaline plus not having moved shit the day before :slightly_smiling: I haven't tested max squat in a while but I hit 325 in December but it was a but high.

How are you making out with sleep deprivation?