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Pour Out a Little Liquor: Nate Dogg R.I.P.

Grew up listening to tracks with Nate Dogg on them. RIP Nathaniel Hale.

edit: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/03/rapper-nate-dogg-dead-at-41.html

WTF? No!!!

[quote]SSC wrote:
WTF? No!!![/quote]


Dude? FUCK!

Dude, don’t do that again! I so thought our own Nate Dogg was dead (used to post here a lot, not so much now)

R.I.P to another rapper

A sad day for children of the 90’s, when Nate Dogg seemed to be ubiquitous. Guess I’ll have to pour out a little Brita pitcher.

aww damn





Sad day for me, I grew up on this stuff.

edit - whoops but anyway ^^ Mista Grimm’s classic track ^^ was my very first exposure to a just a classic Nate Dogg hook

He may not have been that prevalent on many tracks, but fuck did he ever make whatever he was on sound that much better.

so who is going to talk sing during the hooks of rap songs now?

Damn. At 41? That sucks.

Goddamnit. I had just about recovered from Bernie Mac and now this.

both Pac and Nate Dogg now…

My fiance told me about this last night. I had no idea that he had already had 2 strokes by the age of 41. Thats pretty wild.