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Poundstone Vid


Really good vid.


Awesome. Poundstone is the fucking man.


Poundstone had his facebook status as "Derek Poundstone is a legend in the making".

If you have to declare yourself a legend you're a douche.


It only seems like he's a douche because it's fucking true. If he were a 14 year old kid that was getting into lifting, we'd applaud the arrogance.




Maybe it's just me then.


Not understanding the hate for Poundstone. I've seen him compete in person twice now, and the guy is well-rounded in every event I've seen. I've also met him each time and he's more than nice. He talked with my friends and I for a while.

I think it's great to have confidence. Everybody praises Kaz and he's one of the cockiest mofos to ever live. It's nice to see a strong American that has the possibility of pulling down a few WSM titles.


Perhaps this is his way of getting himself motivated, like telling everone you're going to quit smoking so that you HAVE to follow through. If he fails to become a legend, I'm sure there are plenty of people who are going to call him out on it. Perhaps that's the reasoning behind his attitude in this regard.

There's a fine line between cocky and confident, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.


or maybe he needs to pay the bills and understands that people don't pay as much to watch boring lame fucks


I think to be the best you have to have high confidence levels, in some cases this verges on arrogance. If he didnt think he was the best then i think he'd struggle in competition.


who cares, he's a strong dude and entertaining. If he doesn't become a "legend" then no one will remember him anyway.


Yeah, because the last time you kicked his butt at The Arnold, and Fortissimus, and WSM... oh wait, that's right, you weren't even there.

Seriously, Derek is a good guy. In fact, I've yet to meet any pro strongmen that aren't just normal guys outside of competition. The overwhelming lack of jerks was a major draw for me when I started competing... but there is always at least one in the crowd.


I also had the chance to meet him. He did a seminar at my school, and talked about how he got his life together; working hard to achieve success. Very outstanding character, and he seemed very nice.


poundstone is the man.........


Badass video, Im a huge Pudz fan But will be rooting for Derek This year.


This guy seems really cool. I watched 10 other videos of him along with the OP's linked one. And he is pretty damn intense.

I certainly wouldn't label him a douche because of a facebook status.


poundstone can do what he wants cause

A) its true
B) what are you going to do about it?


2 good points lol

That status did smell of douchebaggery, but that doesn't mean he's a douche.


He's also a cop. Just throwing that out there.


didnt he have a 30 point lead over everyone during his last strongman comp? or something like that? if you did that, your head would get a little big too.

plus thats just how some people are. instead of getting all pouty about it, why dont you focus on making yourself a future legend? someone is always going to be the best, get over it.