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Poundstone Axle Clean and Press 303x12


The axle looks like a barbell in his hands! sick reps!

Hes looking seriously strong coming into WSM!


303, double overhand, with the axle... he makes it look so easy!


He cleans it like it's nothing, crazy strength.


how about the guy next to him probably do cleans with 135lbs I bet he felt like hot shit till Poundstone strolled up


I love how in between the thud of him dropping the axle to the ground you can hear the little clang of the guy deadlifting 135 next to him. Such a contrast


dude its great to see some american muscle that'll compete against all those vikings. awesome!


Deadlifts, no less.


way more impressive.


Holy crap, when I started the video, I was like, "What the hell are you talking about, that IS a barbell...wait a second..."

I wonder who the girl behind the camera for all these videos is.


It's his girlfriend.

Very Impressive Video!


way more impressive.

what a monster! holy shit

as a side note, the black chick in the background was very cute.


Holy crap!! I mean holy f'ing shit he makes it look so easy!

The girl yelling is anoying.


I wonder what his max barbell hip thrust is.

Lifting a truck a shit load of times only causes 50% recruitment of middle and upper glute fibers.


I see what you did there... and I lol;d.




He has made some wild videos lately! Hopefully he brings this form into WSM and does some crazy shit!


Damn that chicks yelling made me want to do 2 more reps.