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Poundstone 800lb Deadlift for 9 Reps


Ohhhhh my gawwdd!!!! His form was so bad!!! Like I would suggest he work with 135 for a while till he gets his form down, like I was searching for the "pussy" sub forum to put this under and like straps!!!!!! OMGZZZ!11!! I sent him a message if he wants to train with me and eliteballa, he is more then welcome to, I expect to see him tomorrow at our first training session at Foot Locker.


Is eliteballa bringing shoes for you guys to pose with? lol


No no that is why we are meeting in Foot Locker.


holy hell, that's unreal!


I love how he's pissed that he missed the 10th.


ahhhhh gotcha! did't connect the two....flew right over my head.


Joking apart, I was quite impressed with his form (except the last rep). You harly ever see anyone deadlift for reps with a form that good. Let alone with that kind of weight.


Predicted one-rep max: 1029 lbs ( http://www.exrx.net/Calculators/OneRepMax.html ).


The one rep max calculator wouldn't work because of the stretch reflex. If he started at the top position of the deadlift he possibly could get 1029, but no way he'd be able to pull that from the floor.


Damn, that is impressive. Last year Derek only lost to Marius by the slimmest of margins; I don't see that happening this year.

BTW, nik133 you are frigging hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.


Unbelieveable. Even with a deadlift suit.

Many PL'ers are luck to max that with double-ply and briefs.


I think what you meant is that the one-rep max calculator wont work because it's a piece of crap to start with and even worse when you're doing that many reps


That is one outrageously large and strong man. Impressive, and I also thought it was funny how disappointed he was with the missed tenth.


Uhhh huh.


Fuckin awesome!


I wonder what the guy sitting in the smith machine is thinking?
I wonder if it's "what a weird freak" or "i need to man up".


Lol, I noticed that guy too, its hard to do 3 sets of ten on the smith machine when a guy across the gym is raping and pillaging the weights and then burning them to the ground.

I don't see any scenario where Poundstone doesn't take WSM back for the US this year.


Except that one scenario where Zydrunas takes it.


Or Terry Hollands, or one of the other crazy strong dudes that are competing this year... as much as I like Derek and Zydrunus, it is a TOUGH lineup this year and I would not be shocked if someone else took the podium. Either way its gonna be awesome to watch!


That 9th rep was insane the way he did it.