pounds to kilos

Can any one tell me haw to convert pounds to kilos

divide by 2.2

There are 2.2 pounds for every kilo.

Here, if you’re “mathmatically challenged” like myself, this site may be of help: www.onlineconversion.com

Say, “Thanks for sharing.” Then shut up. If you start defending yourself, he’ll only continue to challenge you, and the argument will escalate. You can’t reason with an asshole.

There’s another very cool website that you can visit: MetricSucks.com This site is easy to use, and funny too.

nycman where did you find that site.

I know this guy named pablo in colombia that could convert them for you for a small fee

A friend told me about this site, and I got a big laugh out of it. Also, I agree with their basic premise: Metric sucks. NycMan