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Pounds To Drop BF%

I remember reading somewhere…probably here…that in order to drop one whole bodyfat percentage point, you would need to lose this many pounds. Is anyone familiar with this “formula?”

Try taking 0.01 X your current body weight… should get you close enough.

It’s pretty simple. Suppose you weigh 100kg, or 220 pounds and you have 20% bf.
That would mean you have 20kg or 44pounds of bodyfat. Leaving you with 80kg or 176lbs of lean mass.

Now you want to trop 2%, leaving you with 18% bodyfat.

You take the lean mass as your base and devide 80kg by 100-18% or 80/82% = 97,6kg or 214,6 lbs.

The formula assumes that your lean body mass stays the same.