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Pounds Gained with Inzer Rage X?


I have used an inzer HD Blast in the past and was able to get 50lbs more than my raw best. 375lbs raw and 425 with shirt. I recently bought a Rage X single ply size 50. I am 200lbs. with a 47inch chest. I was wondering how much I could gain with this shirt.


If you bought it already, why not try?

/possibly ignorant comment


I will try on monday, next chest day. I'm sure there is an adjustment or break in period, probably a little more than a blast shirt. Just wondering what to expect. Thanks for any comments and help.




Possibly nothing. It's a horrible shirt. That's my experience with it anyway. Shitty groove, hard to touch, not much pop. However, I hear of people getting 300 pounds out of them. As you can see, results may vary.


Double Rage X, arms too loose: +160 lbs for me


I get in the neighborhood of around 150 out of my double rage x.


Looks like 75-100lbs is posible with a single ply rage x ?


Put me down for 120 in a single rageX.


100 lbs easy after that its all up to you.


455lbs. 2 boards breaking it in. This shirt has lots of pop !


After all these years I'm still learning how to use a shirt. But I've always had good results from RAGE X? about 50-70lbs for me but I only put the shirt on 2 times before a meet. I know that needs to change.

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I train Metal Militia style, so its easy to get 100 lbs. out of the shirt but have to use it once a week.

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Is there much difference between the rage & rage x ? I have heard alot about the groove with the rage x , but not much is said about the older rage shirt.


if you train the shirt and learn the groove, tweak it and what not 100+ lbs. if you dont and bench in it once maybe 20. takes a long time to get huge carry over in gear.


I touched / paused and easily pressed 425lbs. Friday. The rage x has plenty of pop ! Can't wait to try it again. Thanks for the advice.


I'm not sure what the single-ply Rage X is like, I using a 2-ply Rage X right now and I really like it, I can bench 365 raw and I should be able to hit at least 500 with the Rage X, I havn't touched with it yet though.

The big thing I've noticed about the shirt is the heavier I go the easier it is to use, I have a hard time using it on my lighter sets. I actually havn't had any problem with the arms fitting, the shirt bites in the arms everywhere like it's supposed to