Pound the Snatch, Jerk it Hard

Wanted a place to document my suck and hopefully get feedback to suck less.

I don’t see much (Olympic) weightlifting here so hopefully this’ll work out. There will be some benching, powerlifting, bodybuilding stuff cause I like to diversify.

Age: 26
Height: 6’1
Weight 101.5kg
Training Age: 5 years

Time weightlifting: 2 years

Goals: 1) Strength
2) Technique - Any criticism here is hugely appreciated.
3) Compete again and do better than I did last time.

There will be videos. Numbers are in kg x (reps) x (sets).

Snatch 90x1x3, many misses
Clean/Jerk 110x1x2, 110xJerk Miss
Squat 110x5x5

Feeling very sore from a bunch of higher rep stuff last week. Need to build some work capacity.

Video at:

This’ll be behind a few days - might get caught up later.


Some pretty ugly lifts today. Tied my Snatch double PR. Had to rush through squats with about 90 seconds rest between sets. All in all a good day.

Snatch 80x2x3, 60x2
CJ 100x2x3 PR
SQ 100x8x3

BTW I’m the white dude.


Lots of pulling today since my traps hurt. Also some benching. Feels good. Full lifts tomorrow.

Snatch Pull 70x3x8, 60x5x2
Clean Pull 80x5x2, 60x5x2
Bench Press (in pounds) 230x3x10


Pretty sure this is a Snatch PR Triple for me. Overall a good day.

Snatch 70x3. 75x3x2. 75x2,F
CJ 90x3x3

Took it light today. Watching the video I realized my Squat set-up is lopsided. Working on fixing that. Otherwise a good day today.

Snatch 50, 60 for speed, technique.
Squat 90x10x3


Snatch 70x5x3
CJ 80x5x3
Squat 80x12x4

Leg pump hurt a lot after squats. Haven’t had that in a while. Snatch technique continues to get faster, straighter, better. A good end of the week.


Impromptu PR session with my friend. Not a good day for it training-wise, but fun as hell. Tied my PR and didn’t hit a new one. Next time…

Snatch 90x2, 100x1, Many fails at 101/102


A good day of weightlifting today.

Snatch 80x2x3
CJ 100x2x2 PR tie
Squat 115x5x5


Feeling sore, unrecovered today. Did a bunch of bullshit for a light day.

Bench Press (pounds) 205x6x6
Plate Crunch 10kgx16x3
Standing Cable Crunch (pounds) 80x8x3
Cable Curl (pounds) 100x5, 110x5, 120x5x2, 110x5
DB Hammer Curl (pounds) 40x8x4

It kinda looks like you have a hitch in your snatch.

There is a hitch. I lock my knees out too early. It’s one of the things I’m working on currently.

Thanks for the feedback.

Quite possibly the best titled log. Good job sir.


Snatch triples today for a PR. Feels good, I’m getting stronger and my technique is improving day-to-day (albeit miniscule amounts). I’m re-adapting to squats everyday and it feels good.

Progress is progress.

Snatch 80x3x3
CJ 100x1x3
Squat 105x6x4

I will say in full sincerity that Selfie is one of the less shittier shitty pop songs to get played on the Top 40 station in my gym.

[quote]Ass Banana wrote:
Quite possibly the best titled log. Good job sir.[/quote]

Thanks man! I was worried it was kind of mundane. At least the jokes are easy with Olympic lifting.

Man oh man what a crazy week it’s been in my life. Time for some updates:


Gym closes early on Friday so it was a quick day. I needed an easy day today.

Bench (pounds) 210x5x7
Squat 95x10x3

I wish I had some setup so that I could get a form critique.


A nice Saturday morning. PR today, 75 for 5 on the Snatch. Also technically a PR of 90x4 CleanJerk but I probably could have done that a while ago. It’s good cardio.

Snatch 75x5x3
CJ 90x4x2
Squat 85x12x4

[quote]Ethnogenist wrote:
I wish I had some setup so that I could get a form critique.[/quote]

Do it!


Monday, heavy day, best day. Gym is closed on Sundays so I have to come back rested.

Felt really solid today. Didn’t miss a single left. Technique feels better, I’m catching lower, and consistency is up. My right leg knock on the pull is getting better, slowly. Speed is a little better.

Heavy squatting will be back soon.

Snatch 90x1x8
CJ 115, 105, 110x1x2
Squat 120x5x5


Pretty hard today struggling through some doubles at 80. Was hoping to at least get up to doubles at 85 but wasn’t feeling it today. Next week.

Cleans were tiring, squats went well.

Snatch 80x2x4
CJ 100x2x2 PR tie
Squat 110x8x3