Pound of Ground Beef

Is it healthy for me to eat 2-3 pounds of ground beef a day?

3lbs is a lot unless you’re quite large. 2lbs is “reasonable” for most people trying to look like bodybuilders.

I would be cautious of the fat content in anything less than 90/10. It’s fattier than you probably need or want it to be.

“Healthy” is a loaded term, depends on your goals.


I am 5’9 295 pounds… Really just want to lose some weight and still have some muscle. I don’t want to look like a bodybuilder, I just do heavy compounds…Do you think 2lbs a day would help me accomplish this?

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Assuming 90% lean, that’s 273g of protein per day at 3 pounds. You probably don’t need much more than a gram per pound of bodyweight, and less than that if you’re on the tubby side. And since I’m still assuming, you’re probably eating other foods too, so what’s the goal here exactly?

EDIT: I see your other post now. I’ll jump in later if needed. The goal is clear, or at least it should be to you.

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Clarification: are you asking if eating ONLY ground beef is healthy?

I would like to get down to about 240 pounds and still and some size in my shoulders and legs. I am 295 pounds but it is mostly just my gut.

Mostly yes for beef and maybe a little veggies or fruit.

What markers of health do you use to evaluate “healthy”? Healthy can mean different things to different people.

I guess is it heart healthy?

How will you evaluate the health of your heart?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you ask these questions. Are you going to evaluate based of cholesterol, blood pressure, RHR, etc? If cholesterol: by total cholesterol, LDL count, VLDL count, HDL to triglyceride ratio, etc?

Specificity is required. Vague questions and vague metrics produce vague outcomes. If I ask “Will reading make me smart”, on the surface that seems like a yes…until you discover I mean “reading comic books” and by smart I mean “able to design a manned spacecraft that can land on Neptune”. Then the answer becomes “no”


I see your point…

Your main goal is fat loss. You are obese. You also want to maintain muscle mass. So, let’s keep it simple.

Start here: 3300 calories per day. 230 grams of protein per day. Let the rest sort itself out over time. Be patient, keep lifting weights, and walk a lot. Be patient some more.

Measure across your belly, the widest area, usually just below the belly button on men. Track this. Measure once every two weeks.

Come back here with updates and fine-tuning questions.


WHY ground beef? Personal preference? Price? Etc…

Sounds good ! Thank you Sir !

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I just googled simple ways to get 250 grams of protein a day and this looked like a simple way to do it…

Just mix up your protein sources: all meats, eggs, protein powders. The issue you might run into with just ground beef if that it also contains fat, even the leaner cuts. So you might hit your protein goals with it but over-consume calories from the fats. Beef is fine, but that’s why many lifters focus on chicken breasts, tuna, egg whites, protein powder, etc. – almost pure protein. Easier to count and keep up with.

So just keep that calorie goal in mind. “Spend” those calories on protein first to get your daily amount. Keeping those two things in mind (totals cals and protein) will generally sort out the carbs and fats because protein keeps you full, among other things.


Okay. It is a way to get that much protein but it’s not going to be the best way to lose weight. I would listen to what @Chris_Shugart has laid out for you. He is pretty darn good at this game.


Why do you have this specific weight goal?

Are you seeking to lose weight and still be overweight or do you want to get lean (not ripped)?

Just get leaner…Dont really care about being ripped though.

Will do…thanks !

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