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Pound a week

Any feedback on this diet?


It works, What is your current stats, this is not a diet to try if you are fat to begin with

A good diet for people who don’t want to be too anal in a mass phase, BUT you better be a skinny “hard gaining” bastard if you’re going to use it.

I think Chris brings up a point that is often debated on this site. You know…the “old” guys ate whatever was in sight (whole milk, creme, steak, bacon, bread, sugar, etc,) and THEY had great physiques, right? Why are WE so “anal” with partitioning, ratios, etc. Well… the answer is simple…“you BETTER be a skinny “hard gaining” bastard”…as Chris so aptly said, if you expect to get away with it…

A bit over a year and a half ago I just started eating whatever I could find. I was on the See-food diet, I’d see food, and I ate it… I didn’t eat takeaway stuff, but always whole milk, lotsa cheese, some chocolate, 50-100 jelly beans after my post-WO shake, pretty much anything went. At the time though, I was a “skinny, hardgaining bastard”. And it was my best growth phase ever! Now I can’t get away with it though, not to quite the same extent anyway.

I used to dream of being a skinny “hard gaining” bastard, but I’ve come to realize the advantages to being a (formerly) fat “easy gaining” bastard.

Just try it. If it doesn’t work, quit. It may work out well, it may not. I know what works for me, may not work for you.

Pancake ass is running rampant around the board these past few weeks.


Katana - as long as you know your strengths and weaknesses, and learn how your body responds to different things, then there isn’t really any absolute advantage or disadvantage of being any certain body type (unless we’re talking extremes). The apparent pros and cons cancel each other out. Plus, you’re always going to be something you’re not. We just want what we can’t have, hence trying to get bigger and bigger or leaner and leaner =) If you’re clued on training and diet, your body type becomes less relevant given the right state of mind.

i would not want to exceed 10% bf. try to gain as much but maximize your lean mass. laters pk