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Pound 4 Pound Challenge

Have you guys heard about this. It will take place this weekend at the Olympia. Hear are the rules:
â?¢ Bench press â?? 1 ½ BW
â?¢ Squat â?? 2x BW
â?¢ Smith Machine seated press â?? 1X BW
â?¢ Deadlift â?? 2x BW

Competitors will have ONE opportunity to perform each lift.
â?? Only FULL reps will be counted (which will be determined by an on-site judge)

  • The top five competitors in each lift will receive the following points. A tie in reps will result in both competitors being awarded a point. The highest point total at the end of all four lifts will determine the overall winner. In the case of a tie, the total number of reps will determine a winner.
  1. 5 points 2. 4 points 3. 3 points 4. 2 points 5. 1 point

It got me thinking… wouldn’t that make for a good “men’s fitness” division? Women have bb’ing, figure, fitness and bikini. The men’s fitness division could include 2 rounds, one involving the above “lifting portion” and the second a mandatory posing round.

The posing round would obviously be judged using looser standards, with the ideal being not too freakishly massive or super dry (lifting would be pretty damn near impossible coming in so dehydrated.)

Personally I think it would make for a pretty entertaining competition (I personally find bodybuilding shows can be pretty long and boring at times) and would give people who claim that “bodybuilding is a freak show full off over sized mutants” (quoted from a friend of mine!) a venue.

I remember a while back, one of our members from Sweden or Norway or one of those Nordic countries was in a BB contest similar to this. They had posing and then I believe it was a push up and dip competition which had a weighing on their score.

These competitions do exist, just not many of them.