Potentially Moving (Input Needed)

Alright my T Nation crew - I have three potential new cities to look at that I have been offered positions in (all in anti aging and sports specific hormone replacement roles) - Denver, Los Angeles, and back to Chicago. One thing in common with all these cities is they have NHL teams (Ive been a consultant with the NHL and worked directly with the Columbus blue jackets for the last few seasons. We aren’t totally sold on any but maybe leaning towards Denver. Does anyone have any experience in these areas? Again not sure we are leaving but these are our offers :slight_smile:


I lived in Denver for several years and it’s by far my favorite place I’ve ever lived. You get more sun than San Diego, less rain than AZ, unbelievable winters (if you’re into the snow), and awesome summers. You can golf, ski, and fly fish on the same day. You can hike the best mountains in the country. The job and housing market are blowing up with tons of new companies moving in every day. To top it off you have every major sport represented in a clean safe and fun downtown. It doesn’t get much better.

Denver! Hands down. Colorado has the one of the highest percentage of healthy residents. The summers are awesome. It snows and has blizzards but probably not like Ohio or Chicago. You can be at 9000 ft in about 20 minutes (Estes Park) , you can visit Wyoming and South Dakota easily. Plus if you’re into sports it’s got them all.


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Haha actually Denver is the city we are most looking at currently. We are headed out there next week to check it out so I’ll report more.

Thanks @azwildcats and @studhammer

Awesome. Check out rocky mtn national park and Estes Park. There are multiple communities to choose from. Down town has declined due to the marijuana laws but there are still tons of places to live.

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@studhammer yea man thank you. We have a friend who lives in the four seasons residences downtown but that’s not conducive for our girls and baby boy on the way. Looking at cherry creek, boulder and Littleton. We are looking to pick up some land as well as this would be a place we would say for at least 15 years.

I assume you mean more rain than AZ.

Nope less. Denver is a high desert with super low humidity and very little rain.

Boulder and Cherry Creek are awesome, but getting land will be difficult and extremely expensive. Some cool places in between Boulder and Denver where you could live in a great community and snap up some land are Broomfield, Lousiville, Superior. You can be in Boulder in 20 minutes and Denver in 30 from those locations. I lived in Broomfield and loved it.

There are probably 5 acre lots still available but you may have a commute that goes along with it. If you choose that route make sure you have all the details regarding water (well vs municipal system) snow removal, septic, etc. Acreage is more likely available either east or north of town.

Denver is still prairie and dry so make sure your wife understands the life of living in the arid west. Water is the limiting factor in all things and not all services are available like some areas back East.

Sorry for being long winded but I make my living in water development analysis in the West.

I think you should move a little further away, like the UK :wink: We need your expertise here, as there seem to be very few decent endos in the UK.

Other than the UK Boulder is a lovely town. My wife and I were at a supplement conference there a few years back and loved it. Chilled out place.

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@studhammer thanks for the advice man. We actually have some friends up in evergreen that want us there too haha. Right now we are in just a sweet spot! North of Columbus - 16k sq ft home on 104 acres Haha. Hard to replicate it. There are some places our realtor has shown us out in Colorado that fit the bill though. Good info on the water too man!

@azwildcats thanks so much for your info brother. I will let you guys know how it goes next week!

Haha yes we actually talked about the UK but as of now we are still thinking staying in the states. She would love to be closer to her brother (he’s in London) and her family (India) but professionally at this time the states is easier. I did have an opportunity to work with some football clubs a few years ago and it was great. So never say never haha.

Holy crap! That’s sounds awesome!

Welcome to the the Front Range brother! Awesome place for anything related to the outdoors. There is an Olympic training center in Colorado Springs too. Those guys definitely need a Doc like you.

Last 10 days of July is the Cheyenne Frontier Days. Oldest rodeo in the U S. Old fashioned parades, western gun fights, concerts, etc. You should check it out if y’all have time. It’s only 100 miles away

Average rainfall in Denver annually is about 15.5 inches according to Google. Not a desert and quite a bit more than southern Arizona.

Ah, that’s a real shame. Thought I might get lucky and you move over here! Anyway, wherever you move to, I wish you all the best (;

If you do move best of luck. I was hoping to eventually find a way to run into you – since we basically are only live a few hours apart.

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That can happen still :slight_smile: @StormCobra84

That would be cool. Would really like to make that happen.

Not sure if my input helps here but I’ve lived in quite a few different areas (I believe I’ve lived in… Six different places throughout my life) and I’ve been all over the world (hell, later this year I believe going to be in like… All over America (as in many states).

Things that factor into where you move that are quite important are

  • do you have friends/family in these areas
  • do you like the weather in said area
  • would you want your kids growing up at wherever you decide to move to
  • do you believe that you will be happy in said area, In my experience moving to a new place without friends is really hard, and making new friends can also be really difficult especially when everyone has their own shit going on… hell I’m still not even sure I made the right decision coming back to Aus.
  • are you able to continue your hobbies where you move to. I don’t know what your extra curricular activities are other than bodybuilding so I’ll just use that as an example. Will you be able to compete at said place you move to or will it be a huge pain in the ass requiring 7000 hour drives or flights that make the hobby impractical to continue.

I have fairly extensive experience with LA, I didn’t live there but I have stayed there for semi prolonged periods of time. It’s usually sunny, veeerry rarely gets cold, even during the winter. The weather is pretty mild, its yearly rainfall is what I’d call below average and extreme weather such as severe thunderstorms, harsh winds is very uncommon. It has some nice beaches if surfing or just in general going to the beach is your thing. I don’t know what your political views are but LA is a very liberal city, possibly due to the influence of Hollywood (oh yeet Hollywood is also in LA, ever been there? It’s pretty cool.) most of CA is quite liberal.