Potential Prostate Problem

I think i got a problem with my prostate… going to see the doc this week, i’m only 24 so i’m ruling out cancer but i got a feel it’s prostatitis.

Wish me luck guys! Burn when i piss n feels like i got a big marble stuck up my ass!

N it normally gets worse after ejaculating so it kinda points to what i think it is.

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I have had prostatis in the past. The marble sounds right, however, I do not rememeber a burning feeeling. I do remember there was a slight relief after ejaculation. Doesn’t mean you don’t have the same with different symptoms. Dr told me it was from lack of evacuation(urinating after ejaculation to clear the lines).
I still to this day get a tight prostate, especially when stressed. Sometimes it gets so tight I feel like a am constantly needing to ejaculate. This is an embarassing situation us men have to go through. I wish you luck.