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Potential New IPF Rules


Yep, that’s my situation. I came into PL, after some time off to have a kid, from cycling. I was a USA Cycling Cat2/Masters racer with 15 years in the sport. Obviously bicycle racing has some very high profile problems with PEDs and because I’m lifetime drug free I wanted to compete exclusively in a tested fed. When I was racing, even though I was on a mostly amateur team (still Cat 2 and Masters normally race with pros/retired pros) I had a teammate get banned for EPO and it made us all look bad. I also competed regularly against a number of guys that were eventually banned for various PEDs and while their placings were overturned I, and plenty of others, lost out on the prize money and primes from those races. I don’t want to have anything to do with dopers so the IPF/USAPL and 100% Raw are the only choices.


What about other feds with drug tested divisions? 100% Raw doesn’t do out of comp testing (nobody does but IPF) so it’s the same as any other fed with a tested division. I don’t take any PEDs either and never have, for now I’m mostly going to stick with CPF but I would consider competing in an untested meet too. Why not? Dennis Cornelius claims to be lifetime natural as well and he lifted in the US Open.


Chris, are you counting all of Canada, or just Ontario?
I was thinking Ontario.

I was guessing for the most part, but there are more opportunities for meets with CPU.
They do cost more, and many rules in the Fed.


If you have something riding on the drug free thing then it’s best to stick to a fed that is entirely drug free. It’s just too hard for the general public to accept a sport that condones drug use.


Where I live the IPF affiliates are the most easiest way to compete, since majority of our PL meets are under IPF. I can live with that though.


Yeah, I was talking about across Canada and not just in Ontario since CPF doesn’t have a separate Ontario division. Looks like most CPF meets are in Ontario though.

Unless you are going to compete at an international level in the IPF it doesn’t really make a difference, you still have the option to lift in IPF-affiliated meets. Unless you feel that your reputation is somehow at stake by lifting in a fed that allows PEDs, but just by telling people you are into PL you run the risk of being accused of steroid use.


Hell A person runs the risk of being accused of being on gear once they reach a certain level regardless


Right now I would consider myself to be pretty mediocre, and 4-5 years ago when I started to get serious about lifting I had people come up to me in the gym and ask where I get my juice from and shit like that. There are a lot of people who think that anyone even moderately strong or muscular is on something.


Yeah what I find amusing is I have known guys whom dont even take a multi vitamin get saddled with that … and know others whom barley look like they lift whom are on some serious dosage.


Most of these were knocked back btw, at least the more controversial ones.

I found this funny, after the drug testing fiasco


I don’t get it, what’s the deal here? I heard something about the IPF fighting with USAPL because they do a lot of 3rd part testing rather than going through WADA/USADA because its cheaper this way and they want to test more people. I don’t really care though, the people running those feds are mostly insane and I would compete anywhere else before I do another IPF-sanctioned meet.


More excited for Ed Coan to make a comeback