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Potential New IPF Rules


There are technically no rules in strongman. There is no strongman rulebook. Rules are decided on for each individual competetion by the promoter. So anything is possible I suppose, haha.


Where could someone get one of these? Asking for another Pig who has a meet next year


Anywhere they sell Titan gear. The name of the singlet is “Triumph”, there is also a single-ply-crotch version that they advertise as being “for non-IPF meets”. Get one that’s extra tight for maximum carryover. I hear you could get like 20lbs out of it, something like the original squat suits.


Both are fine. You could argue that USPA is better because it’s bigger, but you also don’t need to be limited to one fed.


Thnx just had a look at it. Bit strange

IPF = double ply
GPC= single ply


I dunno what fed I’ll be competing in so until then I’ll wait out I guess


GPC all the way, fuck the IPF. One bad apple spoils the bunch, and right now it looks like close to half are rotten.


More fun anyway because of DL bar


I can’t believe this didn’t get more replies, because I heard this and just immediately thought that I would watch the ever loving hell out of that competition.


“And now the Brian Shaw comes to try the 12 000lbs deadlift. His exoskeleton is sponsored by Tesla!”


I don’t personally care about DL bar vs. power bar, I was actually weaker on a DL bar when I first started using one. I have made some significant gains on my deadlift since then and I haven’t tried pulling on a power bar to compare, but here’s what one guy with an 800+ deadlift has to say:

I own and have used pretty much every brand of barbell out there. When it comes to the deadlift, I find it easier to use a stiff bar over a deadlift bar. There is a lot less room for error with a deadlift bar, as positioning issues become much more apparent. A lifters deadlift numbers should be very close regardless of the bar being used. When someone can pull significantly more with a deadlift bar over a stiff bar, it comes down to a lack of leg strength.



Maybe. Stiff bar > deadlift bar is the exception to the rule I think if you train on them a bit to learn them.

Maybe the way people pull changes it too even as basic as sumo vs conventional and other styles.


There is something to it, but I’m really not sure what. I don’t know if back vs leg strength is it, but that ight have something to do with it. There are lots of people who never touched a DL bar until they went to a meet and pulled way more than they would have on a stiff bar. It took me a while to get back to my stiff bar numbers when I started using a DL bar.


I bought the Titan Triumph before my last meet in June. We actually chatted about it in another thread. I didn’t notice any carryover at all but I pulled conventional at that meet. I only bought it because I blew the crotch out of my Inzer singlet the second time I used it and thought the double layer was a good idea for modesty’s sake. I’m going to pull sumo at my meet this Saturday so maybe I’ll get some carryover this time.


I doubt you will get much on your deadlift from it, even deadlift suits don’t have a huge amount of carryover. It will only really make a difference for your squat.

Is this a DL-only meet or push-pull or what?


I had to check what type of Titan singlet I have and it’s a triumph. I can’t speak to the crotch… haha but, although the fabric is thick, there is no carryover at all. My first suit was an Inzer Z and I’ve used super centurians and Titan Velocity for deadlift. Double fabric in the crotch won’t do anything except absorb sweat or whatever. To get any kind of carryover, you need tightness (like almost painful) at the thighs and resistance at the shoulders. The stopping at these two points is what creates a stop or spring in a suit. Alternatively tightness and support around the hips works as well. When I lifted in a suit, warm ups would be suit bottoms/ no belt, add belt, straps up with a belt. Each step added another point of contact. What was going on in the crotch didn’t affect anything.


Full power. Even if there was going to be some help from the singlet I squat relatively narrow, just outside shoulder width, so I doubt I would notice.


I can’t say that you are wrong because I haven’t tried the singlet myself and this is just what I heard from other people. One was Greg Nuckols after he inadvertently bought that singlet. He said something to the effect that he didn’t like the idea of double ply crotches for raw and that he was getting a little pop out of the hole, and also that he thought a smaller size would give him a noticeable boost. However, he also squats with a very wide stance so I imagine that would stretch the crotch more. Also, I have heard stories of people wearing Triumph singlets so tight that they need help getting into them. So maybe it’s bullshit, maybe there is something to it, either way I’m not about to try it.


The double crotch in the singlet didn’t help me at all as far as the actual lifting went. It did help in the modesty department though so that’s a plus. FWIW it was a USAPL meet in NC. it was my fourth meet, all of which have been in the state, and all in the USAPL. It was super well run by Jen Thompson and state co-chair Nick Hammer so I have no complaints. I realize that there are some valid issues with the IPF but at least at my state level it’s really a positive experience.


I think that the OPA had about 40 meets this year.

I think the CPF had 5.

It’s crazy how big it’s gotten in the last few years, even with all the rules.


CPF had a lot more than 5. I count 19 on their sites between meet results and upcoming meets. It’s not as big as the OPA, but at least it doesn’t suck.

What I see is that a lot of new lifters got into PL and went with IPF and their affiliates in most cases because that it the most readily available option and also because it’s drug tested, not everyone wants to compete in an untested meet. However, most feds have a separate drug tested division in all meets.