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Potential New IPF Rules


I’m also guessing the IWf is doing it’s part to prevent another weight relate sport to be included in the games


The IWF was threatened to be kicked out of the Olympics not long ago because of the number of positive drug tests.


Yeah I hear they are on thin ice


Isnt wrestling coming back in 2020?


This video is funny as hell!


Smart choice from Mark though in my opinion isn’t it? This opens his entire line of products open to so much more competitors…


I’m sure he’s done the numbers and it makes sense. How long does 250k buy you? 5 years?


think it was for 4 years.


Reckon the belt alone will make him back his money.


In a way yes…but im not sure it will be as lucrative as he hopes.


It would be better if nobody was willing to pay the IPF approval fees, then they would have to stop their bullshit. Either that or nothing but SBD.


I haven’t listened to this podcast yet, but I the description is a little crazy imo. Approval of one of Mark’s “X sleeve” was overturned??


I want everyone to just take a moment to think about how we’re discussing the certification of equipment in raw powerlifting.

Oh this sport.


Even more irony ,so much entertainment!
So glad I’m on longer truly invested in it.


It’s a denim sleeve that supposedly adds a significant amount to your squat, on the Slingshot site they say it’s comparable to a light wrap.

When you get into performance-enhancing knee sleeves then yes, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. The IPF also allows that Titan singlet that has a double ply crotch and gives carryover, no other fed that I am aware of allows it in the raw division. But aside from that, the rest of the “equipment” they require to be approved is basic stuff like singlets, wrist wraps, belts, even logos on t-shirts. It’s a cash grab, with no real ethics behind it.


None of it makes a lot of sense. It’s why the whole “get back to raw” movement was silly, because powerlifting was ALWAYS about finding the way to lift the most weight.


I like raw PL, bench shirts and squat suits don’t interest me at all. You have to draw the line somewhere though. You could argue that SBD knee sleeves were the start of this new problem, none of the sleeves before that would add anything to your squat. Better to just squat in wraps and use the strongest wraps that you can handle rather than pretending your super tight denim sleeves don’t add to your squat. Knee wraps were there from the start, things just went to another level after suits and shirts came out.


I think its alright to draw the line somewhere. Not everybody wants to use all supportive gear they can find. Maybe the raw lifting should deny all supportive gear? Dunno.

Not to defend IPF though. This whole “approved brands” is kind of a BS.


I figure go the opposite route. All gear, all drugs, 72 hour weigh ins with a monolift. Don’t want to use gear? Sweet: go raw. Want to be natural, go for it. Want to weight in on meet day? Go for it.

It’s only going to bug people that are trophy hunters. If it really is about “competing against yourself” it won’t matter.


I still think its alright to have raw and geared categories. People would make raw rules anyway. And people want to compete. If we would allow anything in any federation in PL, there would soon be new federation that has some limits.

It’s just natural and I think its completely fine to compete within different frameworks (drugs/no drugs, gear/raw etc.) What bugs me is the elitism some lifters have. They think they are more “hardcore” since they lift RAW, or squat deeper since they compete in IPF, or are more true athletes since they don’t use PEDS. It’s a fucking different competition with different rules. You can’t, or should not compare.

But, I want to repeat this, I think the IPF goes way too deep with these regulations. It’s alright to determine thickness and material of a knee sleeve, but brand?

PS. Even geared lifting, or strongman or whatever more unregulated strength sports there are have still some limitations/rules concerning gear, right? No one would over a platform and perform a lift with a cyborg exoskeleton and perform an accepted lift (that would make a cool sport though!)