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Potential New IPF Rules


Sounds like the IPF is trying to push us to take steroids. Maybe they own shares in drug companies, this is like reverse psychology marketing.


Maybe it is growing, but in Ontario, there must be more CPU meets in the next 3 months than CPF meets on their website for all of 2018.


Yeah, there are a lot of masochistic fools around here.


That’s bullshit by the way, I just checked both the OPA and CPU sites and there are 5 more meets in total in Ontario, which for some reason they can’t list all in one place.
CPF has 3 more in Ontario.

Are you some kind of IPF groupie? You’re starting to make me wonder


Lol I have no idea why I thought that lol I just checked too. Oh well I look really dumb now. And no I’m not an ipf groupie😂


These days I’m leaning towards feds that use a monolift and safety straps. Even if you don’t use a monolift in training you can still walk it out in the meet. Otherwise throw in some teenage girls and malnourished little boys as spotters and you end up with this:


Flat as possible is not going to be enforceable. It is going to turn a objective lift into a beauty pageant. I don’t like the way your bench looks, so it doesn’t count.