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Potential New IPF Rules


USPA does this as well, although they don’t charge manufacturers as much money.


Yea. Thats probably a good idea. Also them checking a venue before its allowed to hold a competition is a pretty nice one… According to my coach (who’s an ipf judge) the platform at my last competition was pretty bad.

Forgot, do you compete in the IPF?


I’m all for them having some sort of guideline on bench ROM, like with squat. (btw i dont hate arching, i do it myself. ) But make it a good rule, with a clear description. In theory owen could just not place his feet on the bench for setup and still get a good arch…


Can anyone explain to me why the IPF is so hell bent on lifters not competing in other feds? In what way does that serve their lifters? It doesn’t, right? Like, I can’t imagine either of the 2 big strongman organizations not permitting competitors to lift in the other fed. That would absolutely be the death of that fed.

It’s also absolute nonsense that they would disallow world records at the Arnold. The Arnold is the greatest venue for all lifting sports. Why would you WANT to make that meet less important? Makes zero sense.

Powerlifting is dumb. the ipf is dumb
dum dum dum


In fairness, this WAS a rule with IFSA and WSM.

…although, IFSA fell apart. But I imagine that’s because they actually took care of their athletes.


I don’t know the whole story, but it originated basically as the “Ed Coan” rule. It all began with trying to ban anyone having anything to do with Ed… why the IPF has such a level of hatred for Ed, I don’t know. I believe Ed may have alluded it to being a single person who began this… don’t quote me.

While I respect the IPF for having the strictest standards of lifting in the hardest conditions (i.e. no deadlift bars, short rests in-between rounds, truly International competition, etc.)… Good God they make things annoying af.

As one guy pointed out years ago, they elected several officials and administrators to the IPF hall of fame, and few if any lifters that year. Massive bureaucracy with people in power, with vendettas, and a touch of craziness it seems.


I guess because they would prefer that their world meet to be bigger deal and not have it be overshadowed by the Arnold. But that’s me talking out my ass probably. The other rule is a load of crap . It’s not like these lifters are under contract or getting paid.


Meanwhile, anyone else see the lineup for the WPO? Feels like finally moving in the right direction.



November 11th, 2018
B Resort & Spa, 1905 Hotel Plaza Blvd. Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830
Entry Fee: $170

2019 pending venue .

2018 ROSTER:

Men’s LWT:

Angelo Berardinelli
Sandy Tepper
Marcus Morris
Alex Karpenko
David Kirschen
Danny Bellmore
Frazer Munnery
Phil Harrington
Jarkko Forss
Joe Dougherty
Marc Tejero
Maliek Derstine
Ruain McCann
Brian Schwab
Shane Brodie
Tom Krawiec
Wes McCormick
Tim Hensley


Matt Minuth
Daniel Tinajero
David Jenkinson
Clint Smith
Chris Della Fave
James Burdette
Jim Benson
Brian Carroll
Brian Hill
Dan Dalenburg
Derek Wilcox
Kelle Rasanen
Jason Coker
Jimmy Pacifico
Zac Whalen
Chad Hammond
Anthony Oliveira
Curtis Arnold
Chris Haywoo
Ramil Akhmad
Zane Geeting
Tony Carlino
Jon Shackelford
Brando Cass
Luke Edwards
Mike Webber
Dustin Reed
Oskari Lehtinen
Teemu Leppanen
Igor Umerenkov
Hassan Zaid
Joe Rother


Dave Hoff
Bruce Mason
Bob Merkh
Jeff Frank
Allen Pilley
Justin Graalfs
Jonathan Byrd
James Grandick
Matti Lehto
Tanner Hysell
Tory Pelzer
Vlad Alhazov
Jayson McNett
Al Mehan
Shane Hammock
Paul Childress
Steve Brock
Henry Thomason
Devin Wiggins
Dustin Slepicka
Jo Jordan
Marshall Johnson
Curt Porter
TJ Watkins
Pauli Rahkonen

Amy Weisberger
Belinda Clary
Beth Poplin
Casey Strope
Chanel Nolet
Cosette Neely
Candice Poupolo
Elizabeth Grundy
Emily DeMorest
Heidi Howar
Jenna Row
Karen Johnson
Luliia Umerenkova
Leah Hopkins
Lisa Guggisberg
Marianne Kosonen
Melissa Stevens/Bowen
Rheta West
Stacia-Al Mahoe
Stephanie Taylor
Tracey Patrick
Tara Green/Webber
Vikki Traugot
Yael Benyair


Alison Crowdus
Allison Lockhart
Ander Corder
Anna McCloskey
Ann Vanerbush
Crystal Tate
Debbie Damminga
Heather Davidson
Jeanine Whittaker
Jennifer Gimmell
Katey Brent
Kellyn Huehn
Minna Pajulahti
Paige Miller
Patti Lee
Rae Ann Miller
Samantha Belliveau
Shawna Mendelson
Valerie King
Jessica Bowersock
April Mathis


That is just going to be nuts. What the sport has needed.


Im taking a wait an see on it mindset.


WPC overall seems to be growing, their Canadian affiliate (CPF) is the main non-IPF option around here.


There is absolutely no way in which it benefits the lifters. The only reason I can think of is that they are trying to monopolize drug-tested PL. Right now the biggest tested meets are IPF worlds and Arnolds (there is Arnolds in places other than the US as well) and they want to keep it that way. A while back there was an announcement from someone in the USPA that they were planning a big drug tested meet with $10,000 prizes, that would certainly take people away from the IPF. Now maybe that isn’t happening, I can’t remember if Gracie was involved and I haven’t heard anything again, but the threat is still there that someone else will steal the spotlight from them. Of course the IPF doesn’t offer any money aside from small prizes at the Arnold, but if you want to compete against the best lifters that can pass a drug test in the biggest meet possible then the IPF is the place to go. Let’s hope someone can change that.

Probably because anyone who is going to attempt to break a record will now have to pay their exorbitant fees for Worlds, plus pay double the price for their mandatory official hotel room.

Powerlifting is alright as far as I’m concerned, there is room for improvement but the IPF is going the opposite way.


So you don’t even need to lift to make it in the hall of fame? That’s totally backwards.


That isn’t unique to the IPF. Many sports begin to add refs, administrators, commentators, etc after they get through their obvious inductees.


Is the WPC affiliated with the WPO?


Yes, it is. It’s the pro/elite multiply division, as far as I know they didn’t have a meet for a while but they are making a comeback.


Local legend right there. 50 years old and still kicking ass. Go Danny!


Reed is on the roster as well, don’t know how many of you guys caught that.


This is why I’ve always hated the ipf. Personally I want everyone to realize how stupid that fed is and compete elsewhere. I don’t see many tested big total lifters outside of the ipf but that’s how I compete. And I want some competition… And a deadlift bar.