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Potential Kidney Problem


OK, I know that the kidney damage protein thing has been done to death on here but was hoping for some advice.

I have had a couple of kidney infections over the last few months (Dr gave me the wrong antibiotics to start out, hence it coming back) then went down with Typhoid that invaided my liver (bad year for me huh??) As part of the test that I did, Dr (new Dr, not the one that prescribed the wrong antibiotic) had me do a General Urine test. Results came back showing serious loss of kidney function (62% function). Of course when I was going through the standard questions with the Dr she asked about diet and I told her my diet is high protein (1.5 g per lean lb) and I take Creatine (5mg a day).

Of course I get the immediate, creatine and high protein can cause kidney damage response from her. I talk to her a bit and show that I know a little bit about nutrition etc and she comes round to the fact that healthy kidneys should have no problem with protein or creatine but asks me to cut back on protein for a month and cut out the creatine and then have a 24 hr Creatine depletion in Urine test and come back to her.

Test is set for tomorrow (I have my giant bucket to gather the urine in and everything).

Advice that I am looking for is, is anyone on here able to give me some feedback on the results as a 2nd opinion to what the Dr says. She seems like a good Dr and is well recomended, however I have struggled to find a GP that I trust here in Mexico. I hear a lot of advice from Drs here that is well out of date.

2nd piece of advice, if it does turn out that I have some sort of kidney damage (instead of it just being that the first lab screwed my results up) how do I best have a weight gaining diet to support lifting weights and training BJJ whilst not taking Creatine or eating a protein rich diet. I am loath to visit a nutritionist here in Mexico because the ones that I have spoken to (through my girlfriend) seem to know less than I do (I am no expert.)

Couple of info points about me.

I'm 35
generally healthy (other than the infections this year, which I partly put down to stress for my job and getting divorced)
I am extremely underweight at the moment (71Kg at 6´4") having dropped 10 Kg over the last year.
I struggle to put on weight at the best of times but on a high protein diet with high calories coupled with heavy compound lifts had got up to a max weight of about 86kg (and starting to look like someone that trained) 18 months ago.

Any advice that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Any other info that would be needed, just let me know.



MODOK i just came on here to read your post. Didnt really have intrest in the OP because i cant help at all. But man love the detail of your posts. You should post more often


OK the results from the tests that she commented on were

Creatinine 1.42 mg/dl against a reference of 0.70 to 1.30
Bilirubin total 1.92 mg/dl against 0.20 to 1.00
Bilirubin direct 0.62 mg/dl against 0.00 to 0.20

would those be within the ranges expected for someone in training?

BTW, would never describe myself as a body builder, long way away from that kind of size.

Really appreciate the response


While I dont discount modok, I do believe that you can't completely discard the previous test with the history of decreased kidney function. The main reason I say this is that I want to know what the "wrong" antibiotic was. Specifically was it Vancomycin?


first two antibiotics were Ampicilina and Ciprofloxacina. Amoxicilina was the one they gave me after the Urine Culture showed e.coli.

OK, 24 hr creatinine results have come back everything in order but general urine test shows raised nitrites, white blood cells and bacteria. So I am guessing I still have an infection.

Back to the Dr next week for the next step...


I'm not as well versed as modok is with this stuff, but cipro can be pretty nasty. It's primarily eliminated via renal excertion, and I'm pretty sure they tend to adjust the dosage with people who have impaired renal function like yourself.

how long were you on cipro?


was on Cipro a week.


was on Cipro a week.


We dont use cipro much, but uro uses it for everything because it is concentrated in the urine, one SE of both drugs is interstitial nephritis. More likely is that either the infection caused a little damage, or Modok was correct with his initial assessment.

Back to the cipro. It can cause tendon ruptures, so your lifting should take a nose dive for a couple months.