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Potential Gyno?

Hey guys, so I have been running 500mg of test for 6 weeks now without an AI because I wanted to wait for any signs of gyno, now I can’t tell if I’m being paranoid and should use an AI or not.

I’ve been on TRT for just over 18 months now.

During Summer (three months ago) I decided to run some Anavar (50mg a day) and up my test to 300mg for 8 weeks during my cut.

Now the thing I didn’t think would happen was that I could start developing gyno because I heard Anavar doesn’t aromatase however my nipples felt hard and were always erect and there was a little bit of hard tissue underneath but I thought nothing of it since there wasn’t any sensitivity or soreness etc.

Now my question is because the lumps are still there and haven’t gotten any bigger and there’s no sensitivity or soreness in my nipples during this blast, do I actually have early signs of gyno and should I start taking an AI or just wait until the lumps maybe get bigger and possibly tingle

If you are worried take 20mg of nolvadex /day whist on cycle, for potential gyno…

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Thanks mate I just don’t want to fuck with estrogen too much so that’s where I’m just iffy with AI

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) blocks estrogen at the breast receptor site vs an AI that blocks estrogen levels throughout the body. I personally don’t “see” gyno in your pictures and I’ve had it myself but that doesn’t mean anything. If you are worried try Tamoxifen like @Beyond_Beyond stated.

Alright I’ll run 20mg a day thanks

My nips got like that when I first started TRT without an AI. Shortly after starting a low dose AI they went back to normal. I’m not a big fan of Adex but it’s all I’ve personally used to control e2. But it has worked for me. I also dont see gyno. They do look puffy for your physique though.

No offense, but cycling was not something you should have done. You should have dialed in your TRT, training and diet first. You could have made quality gains on TRT alone.

Honestly mate, going from 69kg - 90kg I was a bloody runt before TRT. I feel like putting on 20kg was good in my eyes and when you see the difference in my body you’d say the same

damn bro - the acne sides are real. You’re chest is covered like mink on a pimp.

This was me October 2018 just before TRT. I was 69kg and had been training exercising and tracking macros since 2014


This is me yesterday at 91kg still tracking macros and training.

To be fair I am quite knowledgeable about training programs and have been following RP for years with the RIR model and tracking macros

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actually I had laser done that day and my skin goes into a rash after