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Potential First Cycle: Test Prop, Tren, Winni, PCT?



I am a twenty-nine year old, 230lb, 6 foot tall male considering doing my first cycle. I have been lifting seriously for 8 yrs and have personal best lifts of 545lb squat (belt and wraps), 370lb bench and a 575lb deadlift. Ideally, I'd like to add a bit of high quality mass, while losing some fat. I would guess my bf% to be around 12%ish, at present. I'm not fat, but I'm not lean either.

I am not looking for a massive change, I'd like to keep sides to a minimum, and I'd like to keep my gains as best I can. As such, I'm thinking that I'd like to perhaps run a quick, six weeker consisting of:

1-6 Test 150-175mg EOD (I'm guessing prop will be the best option, given the short duration)
1-6 Tren Ace 75mg EOD
1-6 Winni 50mg/day(oral)
1-6 Adex 0.5mg/day

3 wks PCT: Clomid 40/30/20

Questions: 1) Does this look good? Should I add caber or HCG?
2) Is my pct legit? When should I start it?
3) Is Test E feasible? I'm thinking that it wouldn't kick in fast enough,
but it is very easy to get and cheap.

I'd really appreciate any input that you vets might have to offer. Also, I apologize if I'm way off the mark. Thanks, in advance.


Tren ace is generally not recommended for a first cycle, but if you choose to include it, it should be shot ED.

Test prop is also shot ED ideally..

you should add caber in .5mg 2x a week just to be safe.

your pct should be 4 weeks starting 3 days after your last injection. I personally prefer Nolvadex as clomid left me feeling extremely depressed.

a 6 week cycle of test E would likely require a massive frontload, so I would say prop is best in this situation.

Other than that, looks good.


Awesome, man. Thanks.


One more quick question: would this be an appropriate way to run the Nolva in this application?

Week 1: Nolva 20mg 2x/d
Weeks 2-4: @ Nolva 20mg/d
(as per Furious George's steroid newbie sticky)


That would work fine im quite confident..it's a very standard pct


Thanks again, man. I appreciate your advice.