potential employer- Coach Davies

Coach Davies or anyone else who can help:
You work with professional athletes…are you aware of the sports representation firms that represent the athletes? Have you heard of such firms as Steinberg Moorad & Dunn, Maximum Sports Management, M.D. Gillis & Associates Ltd., or Fegan & Associates Inc. ?

The reason I ask is because I’m considering working for the company (Assante) that owns these firms and I’m just doing my due diligence on the company. Thanks.

What kind of degree do you have. What does the job entail? I was talking to a guy on an airplane a while back whose nephew worked as an agent / management for athletes. (helped them manage their boatloads of $$$). Doesn’t sound too bad to me.

Thats the feild i’d really like to go into-right now im getting my undergraduate degree in bmgt and then going to law school. The biggest problems is getting internships b/c not many people do this so i think you really need a connection