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Potential Cure for Facial Bloat?


I read elsewhere this is a cure for facial bloat, has anyone tried it?

I have a moonface all-year round blasting and cruising. It doesn’t bother me too much but if I can get rid of it I happily would.


I asked my doctor about it , and if could get arimedix, said 150 mg test weekly, not enough to get.
Then he said maybe a water pill , but my potassium was at lower level, creatine high, (i work in a very hot environment zaps moisture out of you).
Sometimes you just got to take it .
raj you have posted before is your strength on the up?? Also if you consume alot of alcohol or grains can cause facial bloat.
Definitely get your electrolytes if you take a water pill though, baked potato, has three times the potassium as banana, not quite as convenient, but sub some greek yogurt instead of sour cream you got healthy meal.


You first need to understand E2 management. For anastrozole to work properly, you need to have steady T levels. Inject T twice a week and take anastrozole at that time. Anastrozole dose needs to match T levels. Every time you change T dose or esters your balance changes. E2 can be elevated by reduced E2 clearance rates and some gear can mess with your liver and AST/ALT may be elevated. Do not test AST/ALT with sore muscles, take a break from lifting for 4 days.

If you do not do labs you are can be missing important factors. This bloating is indicating that something fundamental has changed.

LH/FSH when not on gear
prolactin - not soon after orgasm or hugging puppies or babies - not a joke.
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

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Masteron or proviron will get rid of facebloat even if your on an AI


I have a script for Adex I take 2mg/week.

Unfortunately I am limited by my digestive system, I really can’t overeat the way I use to without triggering IBS symptoms. My strength is climbing but only when I’m blasting.


Haven’t tried proviron because of cost, but I don’t run a cycle without masteron.


Hmmm… I currently inject 1x week. I’m always on gear so can’t test LH/FSH when not on gear.


You can decrease e2 by decreasing aromatization via increasing injection frequency.