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Potential Bodybuilder / Fitness Model


I'm finally getting more active on these forums, so thanks everyone in advance and I look forward to hearing from everyone and helping you whenever I can as well!

I just turned 27 and am interested in becoming a fitness model. I'm going for model because at 6'4" I am not interested in bulking up to 275 for bodybuilding.

Any pointers would help, especially with my physique. Go ahead, throw them at me...a few notes about my training history though:

  1. I currently have my jaw wired shut do to an accident and won't have it off for 4 more weeks. I have lost 10 pounds in the process and am at 189.0 today. Yikes. I usually come in at 205. So please, no "dude you gotta get bigger" posts please. Maintaining a high metabolism isn't easy when you can't eat solid food!! This also means that when the jaw comes unwired I will immediately spring to about 205 again.

  2. One long term goal is a weight of 225 with about 7 - 9% body fat.

  3. My training history involves much more strength training that hypertophy. I like olympic lifting, powerlifting and lifting for speed.

  4. My hobbies include snowboarding, basketball and baseball so I simply cannot balloon up to 250+ and conceivably continue to do those activities at a high level like I currently do. I live in Denver so snowboarding is one of the biggest parts of my life!

  5. My family history includes no long distance runners or cyclists. I am fairly sure my genetics are fast twitch dominant, so I tend to respond well to low reps and high weights.

  6. I have a shoulder injury to my left AC joint (snowboarding, surprised?) so heavy benching and military press has always been somewhat of a problem, although I can standing military press 135 for 8 - 10 reps with very strict form when I'm at my strongest!

  7. I'm aware of my tiny chest lol. This would be where you could help me the most in my eyes. A lack of interest in the bench press, coupled with long arms and the AC joint injury make this one a grueling process. My max flat bench is 285 (keep the laughter to a minimum please)

Ok, so what do I need to improve on? I apologize for the pics and will be getting some better images up ASAP but this is my droid camera and crappy lighting. I did what I could!



another shot...not sure how to post multiple pics in one post...I feel like I have that skinny waist that will make the V look attainable...


just a little ab shot...I feel like they are decent?


You look like you have a very skinny waste . I got no advice to offer since im not experience enough yet lol , but it seems like your reason for not bodybuilding is because of laziness. Good luck with whatever you end up doing man.


no too sure what were supposed to be looking at no back or legs and the pictures you posted are covered by your phone, why have you put bodybuilder/model if you dont want to bulk up?? fool. cant rate as you have little to no muscle to rate. why do people insist on making these awful threads


Add mass to your arms, shoulders, traps, chest... probably legs too (but can't say for sure since you didn't provide a pic). So yeah... your abs are good... just get bigger, then get leaner.


thanks douche. Judging as your level 0 I'm assuming you just recently got into this site. Why don't you post your real picture instead of a a pros so that we can critique your most likely sorry physique? If you don't have anything good to say then get off the thread, dumbass.

Not to mention I said my goal for now is 225 and I clearly stated I weigh 190 right now...so I guess adding 35 pounds isn't bulking up to you? You are the fool, sir.


per request...


a back shot...definately noticed that I lost 10 lbs...


you should go to EliteFTS.com and read about Jim Wendler. The dude is an all around beast and i think his 5/3/1 training system would be a great start for you. I dont mean to be a dick but it seems like you have little to no experince lifting weights. learn and conquer the compound movements first (squat, clean, deadlift, overhead press) and eat you ass off (steak, hamburger, potatoes, chicken, MILK) and you'll be at 230-235 soon. then you can worry about bringing out your cuts and adding mass different places

Basically, build a good foundation with the compound lifts, gain some weight, and then you can worry about minor improvements here and there, like arms, calves etc.

oh and by the way, about judging people by their levels in the forums: its not the best idea. The only thing that level represents is how often you purchase supplements from Biotest. it has nothing to do with training experince, size etc. so if 1980's arnold schwarz never bought supps from here, he would still be a level zero.


wow, what a total failure of a thread this is. I thought that I would get useful information about MY PHYSIQUE but instead have been called a fool by one person and told by another that I don't know how to lift weights...which is founded off of what facts I don't yet know.

Well, I could argue weights and programs and the science behind them all day but I don't think it would get through the surprisingly thick skulls I have encountered on this thread. Do you really want to know what I know about weights?

Lets just say I've been a personal trainer for 3 years, have read every article on this site, performed countless programs to a T. I can squat more than most people, I can deadlift more than most people as well as dunk a basketball and air 50 feet off a snowboarding jump with ease. I know how to bench press the powerlifting way and the bodybuilding way. I've done every exercise you can throw at me. I will probably talk you under the table behind the science involved in weight lifting.

Quit coming into threads and assuming people don't know what they are doing. It makes you look unintelligent and egotistical. How can you assume you know anything about me, or my exercise and fitness knowledge? If you must know, I have a four year degreen in health and wellness, with my minor in strength and conditioning. I wrote the strength and conditioning program for our college softball team and executed it. I also have my ACSM certification in personal training. I know that may not mean much to you, but I'm damn close to my C.S.C.S. and that should.

The moral of this post: Quit hating and just follow the rules of the thread. I said to rate my physique. I didn't ask for anyone's opinions on my programs or diet. I said rate the god damn physique and be done with it.

Unless you are CT or Dave Tate or another reputable trainer and athlete, I don't want your petty advice on working out. And I definitely don't take kindly to you rashly assuming what I DO and DON'T know about exercise.

Post something that relates to the topic of the thread, or keep your wise mouth shut. End of story.


sometimes I feel good about not being tall. You got a lot of filling out to do and its not gonna be easy with your tallish lanky frame. I would say hop on the juice...without it tall guys never look impressive imo


yeah, its a bitch, and honestly, the pictures don't do justice...just in case no one saw, the reason I'm at 190 instead of 205 or 210 is because my jaw is wired shut, dental surgery...so not much I can do, I kind shrunk down and haven't worked out in 3 weeks so no real pump to the muscles.


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To be honest you just don't have enough mass to critique. Right now you say your goal is to bulk to 225, but until you get to 225, you don't have a weakness other than the fact that you don't have much muscle. For the size you are your quads look alright, but again need more size. You should have saved this thread for when you were at 225. It's fine you lost some size, it's a valid reason, but again it doesn't do much for anyones ability to critique your body with anything other than "get some more size".


Even at 225, with single digit bodyfat especially, you are going to be small. You need something like 250 at least. In my avatar, I am 6'1 and 210 and I am fucking small. 225 for you height aren't even close to muscular.


At your 'usual' 205 lbs, at 6'4, that's really nothing to critique (I'm 205 as well, but I'm also 5'8). Having a long lanky frame is certainly going to work against you for quite a few years until you build up some degree of appreciable size. With your current physique, I'm not going to critique, because that usually entails pointing out lagging bodyparts, or weaknesses in overall symmetry or proportion. You're not 'there' yet.

As an aside,.. being a personal trainer, or having read the CSCS text doesn't automatically mean you know what you're doing or that you are deserving of respect. I've read too many text books to count (along with the CSCS one as well as taking their refresher classes every year), but that's not why people give my opinion any degree of credibility.

It's because I've actually made very visible use of the information. Hell, my brother earned his DPT degree and then had people in his graduating class ask him to train them in the gym (but they read all of the same books?!)

And yes, your attitude does leave a bit to be desired. Sure not everyone on these forums tiptoes around so as not to hurt anyone else's feelings, but no one has really been off base as far as saying that you need much more time to put on size before any advice or suggestions would even be beneficial.



It's your thread bud

Based on your physique silly.

Your physique needs a lot of work. Why don't you take your extensive knowledge and put it to good use transforming your body into something people would assume was athletic. I realize to protect your ego you put the anecdote about recent weight loss and wanting to gain 35 pounds but what did you expect to get out of this thread? Your not at the spit and polish point of your modeling career.

Try gaining muscle and coming back for a critique afterwards. [/thread]


massive butthurt


Just thoughts.... I am 6'1", and just went over 200 a couple weeks ago. My Quads are not as big as yours, but that is due to my stubborness toward Squats, which I JUST overcame a month ago.

I am 20 years older than you are, and have just come to the point where I can now add some serious weight. I started 30 months ago at 162, and have slowly added. BUT, at 203 today, I am still too lean.

I didn't read your whole post, but looking at your pictures, I wonder about something. I'm sure you don't do this, but I did. I used to do 12, 15 reps a lot, sets of 4, etc, etc. I got stronger, and very lean, but did not add the mass I was looking for.

I base my training on HIT. (NOT HIIT) I workout off of dorianyates.net, and if it is a chest day, I do his chest routine. I am in and out of the gym in 40 minutes or so. I lift about twice as heavy as I used to, and that has made a huge difference. Part of it was my mental image of my 162 pound self, but I am now comfortably pressing the 105 Dumbells, 4 full plates per side on Hammer stuff, etc.

If you keep your metabolism high, which I definitely had, will that keep you from gaining mass? At 6'1", I need to stop at about 225 or so. You are 3 inches taller...I would think you would look much better at 240.

I know everyone thinks chest first, but I am still pretty skinny looking, and my arms are about 1.5 times what yours are. They need to be bigger.

You have a very lean look, and you seem to be very active. I am not sure you can add the muscle you want to, without purposely slowing down for a while and letting yourself grow.

Try not to take comment personally. Understand this site is full, FULL of Testosterone. It comes with the territory.

Last. I would hope you ride a Ski Doo, or at least did, back in Wisky. I covered most of your state when I was younger, dodging deer and running 65 mph through the woods to the next stop for a cold Pabst !!!!