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Potential Anemia?


Wasn't sure where else to post this. My girlfriend has been experiencing sudden bouts of dizzy spells and chills (sometimes simultaneous, sometimes not) for around a month now. She's been following a vegetarian diet for 6 months, and hasn't exerienced anything symptomatic until now. Could the two be related, or might it be a different issue altogether?


Most certainly could be. A blood panel would answer that question.


Please have her go see a doctor.

It could be many things, none of which we can diagnose here.


She might not be getting enough calories, nutrients but seek medical attention.


One quick vial of blood and a lab report in the hands of even an average doctor could determine the answer to your question (or at least rule out a few dozen major possibilities)...

...one thousand opinions here, no matter how plausible, well intended, or well informed, will answer nothing and could make the situation worse if you were to take any one opinion (or consensus) too seriously.




Well said.


Never trust anything that can bleed for a week and not die.

Iron conservation by the body is a pretty efficient process, but regular bleeding kinda makes that difficult to do.



The first thing any one should do when confronted with a potentially serious physical ailment is to ask for advice from anonymous internet goofballs on a web site not even remotely associated with the medical community.


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