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Potatoes, Coucous, or Quinoa?

Which is best and why? I’ve been looking around, but can’t find much. Berardi seems to like quinoa.

quinoa is a complete protein, thats what the fuss is about. Good fiber count, more than brown rice or white.

Yams/sweet potatoes have more fiber than white potatoes i believe. Sweet potatoes would have much higher beta carotene and vitamin A than any of the grains.

grains will have more minerals than root vegetables in some cases, like iron, magnesium- it all depends on the grain.

Couscous I do not know much about but it is fairly short grain in terms of texture, considering they kind of look like little pearls.

Quinoa is NOT complete protein. It has a more aminos than other grains but it’s not complete. Still good to have around. I do.

Potatoes and Couscous are both fast carbs and are great to have around. Couscous can be prepared so fast it’s crazy not to keep some around.

And why would you even want to choose? Variety is what makes it possible to stick to the plan. Don’t put yourself in a dietary cage by limiting your choices. They all have their place and can taste great, especially with added oils.

second what Majin said.

the best point about quinoa is high mineral levels which allow it to be slightly basic as opposed to the acidic grains. i am going to go out on a limb here and assume that the mineral content/lack of acidity is the biggest factor for JB’s decision. being gluten-free is a major plus too.

decent starchy carb sources in addition to quinoa are buckwheat, wild rice, yams (marginally better than sweet potatoes), oatmeal (the kind you cook yourself), and amaranth among others.

I beleive that I’ve read from multiple sources that quinoa is a complete protien.

Regardless though, I love it and am glad JB introduced me to it.