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Potato Soup Pre-Workout?

I have been taking vitargo but was thinking about making a cheaper substitute. Looking for the highest GI cheap food, I settled on potatoes, skin off.
1 Onion, 3-4 potatoes, stock, boil, blend. Have one of these pre-workout, how do you think that would go in comparison to vitargo, dextrose, or wms?

As long as it empties from my stomache fast enough I see this being a delicious on-the-go if I make a lot and refridgerate it. Maybe add a bit of leek and cinnamon too?

I don’t understand these threads where the OP asks if what he’s doing is okay.

Why not just try it and see how you react to it? If it’s great, then post your success so we all can possibly benefit from it.

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I thought Vitargo and Waxy Maize(Corn)Starch where one in the same? David Barr did a phenomenal job of addressing WMS/Vitargo vs Dextrose/Maltodextrin in which he concluded the former is not superior to the latter. Believe the article is on BB.com. Plus Dextrose is cheap, effective, and has been proven to be so time and time again.

EDIT* Even if WMS was superior I’d think we’d see a re-vamp of the carbs in Surge Recovery.Which will never be the case Cough Dextrose/Maltodextrin Cough further more T-Nation is truly the only company I know that continually seeks improvements in it’s products.