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Potato and Rice for Mass?


I am cuurently stationed in iraq and work night shifts, when i eat lunch, there is no slow carbs avalible to eat beside vegitabe, and i need more carbs than that because i am trying to put on mass. they do serve potatos and rice, but they are simple arbs. would it still benefit me to gain mass if i eat the rice or potatos since thats all i have? or is it better to just stock up on alot of vegitables?


Potatos and rice are complex carbohydrates. They aren't the lowest glycemic index but if you are trying to get bigger they're fine. Eat up, and stay safe.


Exactly. Combine them with a good protein source and you're fine.


thanks alot for your help, if you can think of any other good food that wll help me bulk, please give me suggestions


you'll be fine. if you put on more fat than you would like then just go back to veges


First thanks for serving. You'll be ok with the potatoes and rice. Throw some beans in there if you can.