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Potassium as a Diuretic?

Does anyone have advice on using Potassium as a diuretic? I eat a lot of salt and tend to hold a lot of excess h2o. I’ve seen some stuff online where people have bought Potassium in bulk, and used it as a diuretic; apparently capsules of Potassium can only have up to 99mgs due to FDA regulations.

Is this safe and/or effective? Anyone have advice on proper dosing?

Not safe or effective. Yes the body excretes K thru kidneys but excess of it you run the risk of cardiac arrhythmias. Better off with dandelion root. And drinking lots of water enhances osmosis of sodium out of cells.

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Having too much can be problematic, but this is assuming you are meeting or exceeding daily recommended amounts in the first place, which is unlikely at approx. 3500 mg./day.

What is your current daily intake from food sources?

Edit: Not much need for supplementation when plenty can be gotten from foods like potatoes, spinach, black beans, etc.

Thanks for the feedback…honestly I don’t know my consumption.

I try to eat natural, unprocessed foods. Lots of meat and fruit, and les vegetables. I eat a lot of apples, sweet potatoes, berries, guacamole/avocado and also a lot of red meat. I supplement vitamin D and minerals.

Sure, any time.

Those are good choices, so what makes you think that your sodium intake/water retention is high, or that potassium supplementation may help?

1)Eat a banana??!

2)How much water do you drink?

Given the amount of meat I eat I know that is high in sodium, and I generously season with salt, so I’m basically just assuming my sodium intake is high. Maybe it isn’t given my amount of physical activity.

I drink mostly unsweetened tea, I have a 64 ounce Yeti and I drink probably two of those a day, along with a couple of glasses of h2o.

It can’t hurt to do like a spot check count of how much you consume in a typical day, but if you aren’t experiencing any serious effects like high blood pressure or edema, it probably isn’t a cause for serious concern. There seems to be different subsets of people who are more or less sensitive to sodium.

Most untreated meats are 75-100 mg. per 4 oz. serving, ones with brine solutions are in the 200 range, and cured meats (ham, etc) are usually around 7-800.

I keep my sodium intake at about 11-1500 per day and potassium at around 2500, but I’ve had some problems which make it a little more important to keep in check.

Some people feel pretty crappy if they reduce sodium intake suddenly. I sure did, but that evens out as potassium intake comes up into a better range.

Edit: Breads are actually pretty high in sodium. That’s a tricky one that gets a lot of people.

Yeah just have one more big glass of water and take it from there.

Loading up on water peri-workout pretty much always a good thing also

Good advice, I’ll increase h2o consumption and see how that works.

One other thing I should have mentioned originally, I’m on TRT which I think makes you hold onto more water anyway. I do regular bloodwork and estrogen is in normal range, approx. 50 last month.