Potassium and HR

Read a post regarding GBL causing low potassium which i guess causes high heart rate? Whats the MOA of that?

I dont know what MOA is, but I do know ghb,gbl and the like can cause potassium problems, take a break for a few weeks (or forever) and take a potassium suppliment as directed on whatever the bottle says.

I think the potassium problem is actually an inbalance between sodium and potassium. GHB that many of us know and love is actually Na-GHB or in some cases K-GHB. One the GHB is broken off, free Na or K is left floating around to cause an imbalance.
As far as gbl, maybe in the enzymatic conversion process, Na or K is used or is a by product or something.
I did go to the doctor one time after 5 months of ghb everyday, all day. My heart rate was 51 bpm. Go figure.

5 months every day all day? holy crap!! ive not heard of such use. did you go to the docs cause your HR was slow when on it? How long until you were able to fall asleep on your own after all that? Obviously no ill repercussions today which there should not be anyways.

Me along with many friends took ghb like this. Besides going in the hole, I never had any bad side effects. I quit for a while after getting arrested, and had no problems getting to sleep. I started doing it again for 6 more months, again with no problems. The only sleeping problem is sometimes I would wake up after sleeping for only 5 hours and sometimes had problems getting back to sleep.

thats interesting indeed. when you stopped after all that time you still had the ability to sleep perfectly w/o it?


When you were taking that much GHB what were the effects (e.g. did you need less sleep b/c what the sleep you were getting was “deeper”, or other physiological improvements–or declines)?

I was taking it to get fucked up. It was the only thing I could take and not feel bad after and it didn’t hurt my progress in the gym. It could often even counteract the effects of other “recreational activities”. Often I could function on less sleep and sometimes I slept like normal, and on the weekends, I sometimes didn’t sleep at all.
If I woke up early due to ghb, I would usually just lay in bed till I went back to sleep.
G does different things to different people. My experience may not be the same as yours. Also, your body will get used to it after a while, changing it effects dealing with sleep.