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Is smoking Pot while lifting weights bad or does it not matter? Oh yea and for all you jokers I dont mean smoking pot in the gym while your lifting.


I've about had an assful of posts like this. I drink beer, talk dirty and chase wild women. I have no illusions about it being good for me. I do it anyway because I like it. Same with all my bad habits.

If I say it's bad for you will you keep doing it? Unless I can say with authority it's going to kill you immediately, I bet you'll keep doing it. So why try to convince yourself it's not bad for you. It's a vice. Either stop it or don't, but don't rationalize that it's not what it is.


the most practical advice i can give you is to realize that smoking pot is one of those things people do in college. meaning, leave it behind when your college days are over.


One thing of note is that it has been linkd to lowering test level quite a bit.

One thing to think about girly boy.

I will say I had my share in my day as well as WAY to much alcohol etc,. I dont regret it had a LOT of fun but now I enjoy other things better. Its all about whats important to you live learn etc..




Lots of BJJ guys smoke weed and train...and a lot's of bodybuilders smoke weed after they lift to relax and eat more cough Arnold cough


Not this topic again... sigh...


Hehe yeah Arnold is numero uno :wink:


Personally, I'd go for crack instead, especially if your trying to cut.


I just mix up some heroin with some Grow! and shoot it into my nuts. I'm fuggin' hyoge!


If you think it's affecting your progress then cut it out.


All you need to know.


exactly. my progress was slower than a snails pace when my brain was fried. i've been free of the devil's weed for over a year now and i feel awesome.


It is bad for you. Just take a look at all of the people you know who smoke weed, then ask yourself if you want to be like them. If you're trying to go gangster with your friends and smoke/commit other MTV crimes, then your better off pulling a 50cent and just ignoring it. Most of my gangster friends idol him because he has the balls to admit he doesnt smoke, and he's also pretty fucking huge.


Moderation is key. Some folks can't do that though. So if you can't, you're better off not smoking at all.


Are you for real? If that's really what you think you need to meet some more people.


I think it varies from individuals. Today I just saw a semi-pro strongman competitor chain smoking at a pub. Personally I don't think it matters as long you are sensible.


A study published in Public Health and Nutrition, June 2001, vol. 4
pp. 781-786 (Dietary intake and nutritional status of US adult
marijuana users: results from the Third National Health and Nutrition
Examination Survey. By Smit E, Crespo CJ. of the Department of Social
and Preventive Medicine, SUNY School of Medicine, University at
Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14214, USA.

) found that marijuana users have lower levels of carotenoids in the
serum. The authors concluded this was associated with different
dietary habits: ?We found higher cigarette-smoking rates and higher
consumption of sodas and alcohol, specifically beer, among marijuana
users than among non-current marijuana users.

Marijuana users also
consumed more sodium, fewer fruits, and more pork, cheese, and salty
snacks.? Carotenoids are important anti-oxidants which help to
prevent cancer and other diseases. An increased risk of these
diseases might be due not so much to marijuana use itself as to the
lifestyle led by many who use it.

Better attention to nutrition, in
order to ensure a good intake of fresh fruit and vegetables,
particularly the red, yellow and orange ones, will help to boost
antioxidant status (see below)

A review of various studies came to the conclusion that: ?Regular
marijuana use can lead to extensive airway injury and alterations in
the structure and function of alveolar macrophages, potentially
predisposing to pulmonary infection and respiratory cancer.?

macrophages are cells in the lungs that help clear away debris and
bacteria. (Current Opinions in Pulmonary Medicine, March 2001, vol 7
pp 43-61, Airway effects of marijuana, cocaine, and other inhaled
illicit agents. by Tashkin DP of the Division of Pulmonary and
Critical Care Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles,
California 90095-1690

) Again, to counteract these effects, a diet high in antioxidants
would be helpful.

Obviously, marijuana smoked as joints and mixed with tobacco could
carry all the health risks associated with cigarette smoking. The use
of marijuana alone might be implicated in cancer.

However, one review
concluded that: ?While there is no doubt that marijuana smoke contains
carcinogens, an increase in cancer among users has thus far been
anecdotal. Because of the long latent period between cancer induction
and initiation of cigarette smoking, the full story is yet to be

(International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, July 1998,
vol. 1 pp 71-80, Health aspects of cannabis: revisited. by Hollister
LE. of Harris County Psychiatric Center, University of Texas-Houston,
Houston, TX

) In support of this statement, I only found one recent paper in
Medline describing a case of cancer in one marijuana user. This in
itself is not absolute proof.

L E Hollister also concluded that: ?Many older concerns about adverse
effects on health (chromosomal damage, 'cannabinol psychosis',
endocrine abnormalities, cardiac events, impaired immunity) no longer
seem to elicit much interest.

Continuing concerns about the adverse
cognitive effects of chronic use indicate that these can be
demonstrated by proper testing; some studies suggest that they may be

Although cannabis does not produce a specific psychosis,
the possibility exists that it may exacerbate schizophrenia in persons
predisposed to that disorder.? i.e. the effects tend to be more on
brain function than on other diseases, and it could worsen the status
of people who have a tendency to schizophrenia.

I have not found anything specific about diet in relation to marijuana
use. However, a diet rich in antioxidants will tend to counteract the
effect of many toxins and thus would probably be helpful against the
toxic effects of marijuana. This is a diet rich in fresh fruit and
vegetables, with perhaps additional (although not extreme) intake of
vitamins A, C and E.

Red wine is also high in antioxidants :slight_smile: and so
is green tea."

Soure: http://answers.google.com/answers/threadview?id=30105

How can marijuana affect me physically?

The following are some of the common physical effects of marijuana:

* Tremors (shaking)
* Nausea
* Headache
* Coordination becoming worse
* Breathing problems
* Increased appetite
* Reduced blood flow to the brain
* Changes in the reproductive organs

(...) "

Source: http://familydoctor.org/485.xml


Do you mean smoking pot in the gym while your [sic] lifting? If so, I don't think it's a good idea.

You must really really like pot. You capitalized it in your post as if it's some kind of deity deserving of reverence and human sacrifice.


I agree with carter! Personally I can't smoke occasionally. If I smoke, the very next morning i want to smoke again. For me it's always been smoke a little every day or not at all. So I choose not to smoke at all. I have to agree with what Howard Stern once said. "I wish I had done steroids in High school instead of smoke weed. At least i'd have some muscle intead of frying my brain". Personally speaking, at the end of the day weed gave me nothing and set me back socially and financially. I should have spent the money on D-Bol, LOL. If I could really go back in time i'd spend the money on Clothes. "Every girl loves a sharp dressed man"! Especially one with clear white eyes! Let me tell you from experience that Hot Chicks do not dig guys with red eyes!


unless they have red eyes....then i dont think they really care