This may be covered somewhere else, so please forgive me if it is. What is the effect - if any - of marijuana on some of the more popular drugs and supplements? Weed is carb free and beer definitely is not so I prefer to light up a blunt rather than down a couple of six-packs. Other than the occasional case of the munchies, I was wondering if it has any adverse effects on anything else I may be taking currently or in the future.

I have to take a shit every time after I smoke a dube! Other than that it has no affect on me - accept for the getting stoned part. Seriously though - I dont think many studies have been done on pot because it’s illegal - dont think it will affect anything your taking at all.

THC the chemical in weed, causes a slight increase in estrogen and even maybe a small increase in testosterone…Probably not much that it would hurt you…However, it straight up causes lung/throat cancer, even worse than cigarrettes…its how bob marley and possibly goerge harrison got cancer

I’m sure weed has carcinogens in it. Maybe even more than cigarettes (hard to believe with all the chemical additives in cigs) but you have to look at relative exposure.

Back when Bob and George were smoking the stuff it was pretty weak and they smoked big ole fatties, a lot of them. Now the shit is tons more potent so one of two hits is good for most people. The exposure for an occaisional user is far less than it was back then. As a cancer risk it has to rank right up there with living close to a bus route.

umm pretty sure marley didnt have lung cancer, a post on this section of the boards not too far back dealt with what type it was. Harrison liked tobbacco…

A study by the University of California at SF ranked various drugs in several categories: degree of intoxication, harm to the body, degree of withdrawal symptoms, harm to ability to hold down a job, the need for increasing amounts, the degree of depence. Points were assigned to in each category for each drug and the scores were added up. The study’s conclusions may surprise you. Here is the list of drugs in order of least harmful to most harmful: marijuana, caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, alcohol, and heroin. Pot simply is not factor in the big scheme of things. I’m not saying this to support pot use. I don’t toke because I have too much to lose by doing so, but if it was legal, you can bet I would. Anything done to excess is bad. Something to think about.

Weed today is for the most part no more potent than weed backin the 60’s was. That is a myth that was caused from when weed was confiscated by police a long time ago it sat in evidence rooms for years and years before it was tested and of course the thc content will be drastically lower if the shit is stale. That statement is about as silly as saying roses in the 60’s didn’t smell as good as the roses of today.

actually dude, theres 2 sides to the potency issues. One side is the onel ike you just said where they comapare good weed from today to dirt weed from mexico… But on the other hand they did certainly have hash back then but nowadays the top notch hydro often matches hash in thc % per gram and theres no real doubt in my mind that with decades of growers towing around w/ breeding, potency has improved somewhat.

Why do people claim weed gave them gyno sometimes? That scares me and i would probably smoke more if it was shown not to alter estrogen levels. if people are scared about estrogen levels when smoking i guess they can take biotest M to block it :wink: My friend has some pro bodybuilder friends and he says they smoke a lot and then go grub real hard.

I know a couple of guys that compete, and they smoke everyday. I’ve seen them smoke multiple bongs before training, and they claim they get an awesome pump. Especially when they’re juicing… and they usually are.

What’s this nonsense about pot increasing estrogen levels? Can anyone back this up with some proof? I researched weed for 2 years before I smoked as I am very particular about what I put in my body. I’ve read numerous scientiffic journal articles, looked at data from clinical trials, and read tons of propaganda (both pro and con). I’ve never seen any documentation of a rise in estrogen levels in pot smokers. I believe it to be an old wives tale, but I would much appreciate any reference to this matter in a scientiffic journal. Newsweek doesn’t count! (Have you ever seen how the mass media butchers the information on supplements or steriods when doing an “informatary” article?)
If someone out there knows something I don’t please share the wealth. Maybe I’ll put down my bowl…Maybe.

drugfree, MJ has grown more potent since the '60’s … I know… I was there in the '70’s when seedless indoor grown killerweed was born, I quit partaking lonnnnggggg ago mostly for that reason (too damn strong), however it is irrelevant for the basis of argument against it.

It's been long known (on the street) MJ might give ya gyno, it effects the cortisol levels, it interferes with REM sleep, but its far less destructive than alcohol IMHO, however there are far better (legal) ways to self medicate.

wrong. its never been known to cause gyno, only rumoured to cause it.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t appose it. However, the fact of the matter is that marijuana use can lessen the amount of testosterone in the blood. Bad weed! Bad!

Hey Big Daddy- A couple of bong tokes a day isn’t going to hurt. However it is a proven fact that Tobacco’s ability to cause cancer is increased 4 x’s by adding mary jane. Stay off the blunts…Nicotine is the devil and will stunt the development of every cell in your body. Next time you take a bong rip put paper towel over it and suck through that…So, just cause you can’t see your lungs don’t take them for granted…And by the way DMAN…if something is proven to increase estrogen levels is most definitely a contributing factor to gyno.

if the mods will allow it and people are game, someone post some non-Naha studies on Pot and estrogen/ T levels.

A good question is: Why are so many of the BB pro-MJ (or at least not against it) yet everyone appears to be anti-smoking (i.e. tobacco). From what I have read, the main issue with smoking is the damage it does to the lungs, but MJ would be far more carcinogenic than tobacco. As far as the active drug goes, from what I’ve read I’d rather have nicotine in my system than THC. So IMHO, Tobacco 2 MJ 0, but why anyone would want to do either is beyond me.

This is roon12, ironically he’s probably on it too.



What is this, one of the first GAL threads? I feel like I’m looking at a time capsule.

I don’t smoke pot cause Uncle Sam says I won’t. Even after my discharge, I probably won’t risk it. However, if you are 100% sqared away with life - bills are paid, body and mind well taken care of, kids out of the house - then I see no reason why you shouldn’t be allowed to spark.

The only problem I ever had with the stuff was the way it can sap your motivation.