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Pot smoking Roommate

Next semester I am moving in with one of my friends who is heavy into smoking pot, and also smokes cigarettes a lot. I have gotten him to start training with me in the hopes of giving him some goals to work for and reasons not to smoke. My question is this: does anybody have any suggestions on how I can help him to realize that he is affecting his physical and mental health. We are studying to be Mechanical Engineers, so I know smoking pot can be good. Any help would be appreciated!

Engineers smoking pot can be good? Yeah, I just LOVE driving over suspension bridges designed by stoners. Makes me feel very safe. Heh heh.

No shit. You will be driving along someday in your car, and say to yourself, “wow, this steering wheel has an uncanny resemblence to a marijuana leaf. I wonder what engineer…ahhhhh!” And off you go over a cliff.

This is my point exactly. Pot is going to totally hinder his future, and I have no idea how to help!

Hey, sounds like a good plot for a Cheech and Chong movie…

Patricia, you trying to hijack another thread? LOL.

If you get him training and especially doing some cardiovascular work, he is going to realize that this stuff is detrimental. Many people that get involved in exercise programs and enjoy them end up stopping smoking. So, just get him training and maybe that will wake him up.

Haha! Those guys were great! Cheech and Chung were my hero’s, until I started lifting and quit smoking. Ahhhh, the easy, lazy old days…

How about leaving him alone…It’s his own fucking business. Why is everybody concerned with what everybody else is doing? Fuck it, it’s his life, his lungs…let him enjoy it. If he wants your advice, I am sure he will ask.

I live with 4 people who all smoke pot on a daily basis. Only one of them smokes cigarettes. With the exception of the cigarette smoker they are in pretty good shape. They all surf every day, and if youve eve surfed youd know how physically demanding that sport is. As long as there is no cigarrette smoking in the house I would not worry about it.

Do you smoke? Are you aware of the danger of second hand smoke? If your asnwers are No, then Yes. Why is this individual still your roommate?
Also consider this. If there is a raid, everyone will be asserted (including you) and everything will be taken (including your stuff). Now you have no stuff and lawyers bills.
Here it comes, “but I don’t smoke”.
So what!!! You observed crimial activity and did nothing. THE JUDGE WILL NOT CARE!!!
Think about.

Older Lifter, I can definitely see your point. I was thinking about that this afternoon and was worrying. Obviously, since I posted the question, I don’t smoke pot. Never have touched it, never will. Some of the other posts say mind my own business and let him do his own thing, but when the cops break down our door, then it turns out to be my problem too, huh? Guess I will have to keep thinking about it. Thanks for everyones help.

BTW, I just noticed I typed “We are studying to be Mechanical engineers, so I know smoking pot can be good.” OOOOPS. Pot cannot be good. Some fucked up designs could result.

Good for you, Jeff.
You are young. You have your whole life ahead of you. Yo are going to make enough mistakes on your own (been there…). Do not let someone else screw up your life. You are going to have enough burdens to carry in this life, do carry anyone else’s.

hey old lifter, you are definately old and not with the times. If this guy is pretty much anywhere in the world other than china, singapore, iran, etc. No one is going to “raid” the house over someone smoking pot. reefer madness… this guy isnt running a crack house. I personally would get this guy off the cigs and wait and see with the pot. I toked up last nite then got up early to do some morning cardio for 20 minutes, so motivation really depends on the person.

dman. Yes, I am older, but I have done alot in my short life. I did what are now called Exterme Sports, before their were called that. I was lifting before it was popular. I had a successful military career and am involved with law enforcement on a regular basis. As such, I felt it was important to provide some basic advise…under today’s laws if you get involved in a drug bust, it is gonna cost you big time (weither you are guilt or not!). Lawyer’s fees, lost of property and how many companies are gonna hire someone arrested for drugs? (Noticed, I did not say convicted).
So if being with it is doing illegal drugs, then, I am not with it.
I have fought for your right to screw-up your own life. Just don’t drag me down with you.
And there is a good possibility that your habit is helping to support Terrorism. Heck, the CIA used drugs to support some of their “campaigns”. OPPS.