Pot/MJ/Weed - Effects: Estro??

I have enjoyed MAG10 and now the new Myostt CP3… My body fat is prob about 7-9%. I love weed and I do not pig out on all the food I can get my hands on like I once may have. I have been wondering if weed is estrogenic(don’t know if thats how to spell that). Anyone know anything about this. Is the worse thing that can happen besides that LAW overeating??

For christ sake, if you or ANYONE is EVER gonna post about recreational drugs then make sure your spelling and grammar is totally perfect or else EVERYONE is going to call you a fucking retard. Yes, weed is estrogenic. Also, in case you are wondering I do smoke on occasion so I’m not being a stiff ass prick to you. Make sure to have some clomid/arimidex/nolvadex/M before you smoke.

We know now why you are so fucking anal about spelling…Your lil’ 400 to 40 stack.

I’ve often wondered if an taking an estrogen blocker like M would “cancel out” the negative effects of marijuana. I’m not too clear on how M works, but do you think it would do the trick if you took it only on days that you smoke?