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Pot Belly Problem


Hi all,
I am suffering from a sudden pot belly and need help and advice to get rid of it.
A bit of background;
I lift 5 days a week, 6 if I am working the weekend, I train around the big 4, using the Wendler 531 app as a model, and bench twice a week because my bench sucks. I only get about 45 mins max on any given morning because of my commute to work, and hitting the weight room after work isn’t an option. If/when time allows I do Cosgrove’s evil 8 complex to try and get some sort of cardio.
I use a commercial gym, I have access to machines, barbells and plates, dumbells, squat racks, a power frame, and an o-lift platform. No strongman gear :frowning:
Recently I feel a bit deflated, my enthusiasm has taken a knock
With this in mind, what things are you guys doing that will keep me strong/get me stronger, shed this pot belly, and bring back the spark.
I am not training for anything in particular, I just wanna be strong as I can be, fit, healthy, and look good naked (an ego thing haha)


Diet is gonna be just as important as what your doing in the gym.

Give us an honest assessment of how that looks, honest being the key word!


If you’re worried about the size of your midsection, wouldn’t you be inflated?


Re training: Without question, the absolute best program for you to follow is…the one you enjoy the most. Doesn’t matter what it is–PLing, BBing, Strongman, CrossFit, met con, etc. Whatever you can be most enthusiastic about getting out of bed to do, that’s the right program for you.

Re your pot belly: That’s a function of diet. If you want to lose it, you’re going to have to run a caloric deficit. It doesn’t matter what you cut or how you cut it to get into that deficit (with the proviso that you not cut protein too severely). So keto, carb cycling, low fat, IIFYM, IF–they all work. And just like you should pick the workout program you enjoy the most, you should pick the diet you enjoy the most (or hate the least).


It may just be bad phrasing in your question. But there nothing anyone else is doing that will help you, you are responsible for helping yourself. As the guys above have said, the best training program is the one you will most enjoy and will be most disciplined in following. The best diet or eating plan is one where you are in a calorie deficit and one that you will actually follow 95% of the time.


I agree with the advice you’re getting.

I’ll add some thoughts:

Training: lifting heavy with a barbell and doing sprints/jumps IMO are a good way to go. You don’t see many strong, fast guys with bellies, but you see plenty of guys doing high rep machines and low intensity cardio with bellies. I’d favor 3 days a week of full body workouts, and 3 days a week of sprints/jumps/etc…

Diet: be consistent! Have only slight variations in your day-to-day eat. Ex: eggs and fruit for breakfast. Greens, meat, nuts for lunch. Rice, meat, veggies for dinner.


Track your food intake for a week and see how much you’re actually eating. Chances are you’ll see one or two obvious fixes.


Need to see picture of said belly.

It could be diet or you could just be bloated from food allergies or you could have anterior pelvic tilt which could give the illusion of a pot belly especially after eating and when bloated. Plenty of great advice though. You should be set now.


I train fullbody 3 days a week, but no way in hell could my knees, shins or ankles keep up with sprinting 3 days a week on top of deads twice and squats. I wouldn’t try to jump gung ho into anything man. Just tweak things little by little (mostly diet and caloric intake/ cut down sugars, etc) and do what makes YOU happy, not what anyone else says. That is what will get the spark back. If your bench sucks but you don’t like to bench, don’t bench. Find an alternative. Do dips, incline, db presses, push ups, the list goes on. If you are training just to be in shape and healthy, do not get stuck in this big 3 over all mentality. While S/B/D are great exercises, you don’t HAVE to do them exclusively as long as you are still hitting heavy compound movements consistently.