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Pot Belly, Love Handles, Fat Burning Problem


Hello guys ! I’m new here, and i’m looking for help.

I’m 20 years old, 1,76 m tall, and i weighted about 100 Kg’s in October 2016, when i decided to drop my sedentary life, and start doing something. Now, my current weight is ± 70 KGS, I reach this weight in the middle of february of this year. Now I am stuck in a point where i can’t see no more results. I started to use suplements (A Thermo, CLA, and L- Carnitine) at almost 3 weeks ago, and i barely see no result, and my diet is very specific. I cut out all sugar, i only eat brown rice, brown pasta, sweet potatoes, brown bread for carbs, I eat a lot of green veggies ( like broccoli, lettuce, cabbage) I eat other kind of veggies too (and fruit). I only eat turkey, chicken and fish. ( I rarely do cheat days, and when i do it, it’s nothing of another world)
I workout almost everyday of the week, a lot of cardio, and i lift too. (started to lifting more at the begin of March). I practice kick box too. So, i can see that i burn a lot of Kcal.
An example of a day menu is like: breakfast -> 2-4 brown toasts and a piece of fruit.
lunch-> brown rice/pasta/sweet potatoes, black beans (for example), 2-3 slices of raw chicken breast, and the veggies, that are the most sized food on my dish.
By the noon, i eat brown bread with low sugar and high protein peanut butter and most likely a banana.
Then i go train
And by the dinner i eat the same kind of things that i did at lunch. sometimes i remove the carbs, and the beans.
I can see that my muscle grown, in my arms for example, they have grown, and there is low fat there, my legs are with good muscle too, but the problem is in my belly, and love handles. i can’t get rid of this (of course that compared to when i weighted about 100 KGS there is a lot of diference !)
Here are some pics of me right now:



Side Normal:

Can you please say to me what am i doing wrong ? I’m kind of demotivated, and i feel weak compared when i was in my diet of losing weight ( Midle of october - To midle of february), in spite of having more muscle.

Thank you :slight_smile:


First, excellent work.

Two, you’re doing nothing really wrong. You lost 30 kilos in five months. That’s very, very fast. You’re pretty lean now. What you think are love handles is just your hip bones with a little (very little) loose skin.

What you want to do now is let your body get used to being leaner and slowly add muscle.

Train less: four days a week with one or two conditioning/cardio days. On your actual training days work up to a heavier set, hit a rep PR and then get a pump with your assistance work.

Gradually increase food intake, very gradually.


Thank you ! That changed my way of seeing things !

Will take the advice !


Happy to help. Check out 5/3/1 and Paul Carter’s Base Building.


congratulations on the weight loss