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Pot Bellies Are 'In'

So… pot bellies are all the rage now. I’m just gonna go sit down, for a long time. Not do anything… just sit there…

I saw that shit too.
They’ll write about anything nowadays as long as it sounds clever.
Too bad I’m in shape…

Visceral fat is “in” now?

Well hopefully so is high blood pressure, sleep apnoe and CHDs.


I think the power belly should be in.

[quote]DoubleDuce wrote:
I think the power belly should be in.[/quote]

Left yes, right no.

yes! im cool!!!

take that u 6 pack LOO-ZERS

I do agree with the article when it says that the 6 pack obsession is so prissy it loses any sort of manliness to it.

but the rest. not so much.