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Pot and Drinking While Using


ok well first im a lil new to this and all . but i hear that its bad to smoke pot and drink beer while on juice. is this true are can i just smoke still what do yall think . i did one cycle once and i found it helped to smoke after working out to calm down and relaxs.


drinking while on gear is one of the most stupid things I can think of


If you're smoking anything while using, I doubt you are ready for steroids. No one can tell you for certain if smoking pot will be detrimental while on gear, but do you really want to risk hindering your gains, or worse, fucking around with drug interactions?


additionally, alcohol has been shown to reduce testosterone levels for up to 24 full hours after your last drink (and this was only on subjects who had TWO alcoholic drinks).

If you are drinking beer, you definately don't have your diet in check anyways. Look at the nutritional value of beer for a minute. Pure carbs, no protein no fat. That's not sweet.


Better yet, go ahead and drink all the beer you want, buddy. Hell, drink one for me while you're at it.

Smoke a freakin' pound of pot while. And keep pumping those steroids into you, too.

Then when your pointless life flashes before your pupil-dilated eyes, I can only pray that the last image you see, rather than the retarded look of distress of those around you, is that of me pointing and laughing at you for having the IQ of a broken can opener.


Chuck in some orals too, to boot.


since the alky is going to drop the T levels low, i would double the injection dose to make up for it.


Hey, why not add a couple of lines of coke and a pipe full of crystal meth too? That should top it off nicely.


Crush up some d-bols and cut them with coke...do 2 rails before the gym and 3 rails after,this will get your heart pumping good, to burn the excess calories from the drinking. Let me know how that works.


well thanks for the advise yall . and to let yall know im not on a cycle right now . i know drinking is bad . i was just wanting to know more about the pot.


I read all this crap about alcohol but every saturday after ME Bench we all go out for food and drinks and most of the guys get pretty hammered. I'd say only about half the crew juices and the weakest regular bencher hits about 500lbs in competition and a couple are bumpin on 800lbs. No one uses crazy amounts of shit and we all get stronger every week (even the natural ones).

I'm not saying its the best thing in the world but it doesn't affect strength as much as all this bullshit would make you want to believe...at least not in the real world. As far as looking pretty and Bodybuilding is concerned..I'm sure it would be more important but as far as strongman and powerlifting is concerned, I wouldn't worry about it at all unless your planning on being a true drunk.

The funny thing is, almost every lifter we have at 220 or below has abs, even the ones that booze it up on the weekends and are natural. As far as orals go, I have excellent health coverage and get my liver values tested every 2 weeks while on and have never had a problem. I keep my oral cycles no longer than 6 weeks (8 if I'm using Anavar or a low dose) and unless I need to cut weight I go out once or twice a week for some beers. In my experience moderation is the key.


Acute alcohol consumption sgnificantly reduces protein synthesis over about 48 hours. The effect time and impact on synthesis is dependent on the amount consumed, but even a few drinks will wreak havoc for at least 24 hours with about 50% synthesis degradation. Alcohol does lower testosterone levels, but this is only in "natural" people. Using AAS will avoid the decrease in T while drinking, but protein synthesis is still degraded through a blunted translation initiation. Chronic alcohol consumption has even more pronounced effects.

You can certainly drink in moderation, on or off cycle, and make gains. While on cycle the gains won't be hugely affected if you have a couple drinks once a week, but if you take oral AAS with alcohol you are risking liver damage. Alcohol also upregulates aromatase activity, meaning you'll experience an increase in estrogenic activity while intoxicated. I also suggest you research ethanol metabolism, as there are plenty of consequences that go along with that too, at least as far as body composition and recovery goes. Alcohol also decreases thyroid output.

Smoking pot would be much less harsh on gaining strength/muscle. I suggest not smoking before lifting for obvious reasons. Pot does have similar effects on the hormonal/endocrine function--lowering of T levels, increase aromatase activity, thyroid stuff, etc., however I have not found anything regarding a negative impact on protein synthesis at the cellular level. Smoking anything does negatively impact lung and hemoglobin function, resulting in less oxygen available to the body/muscles. This would result in both a decrease in work capacity and a decrease in recovery.

Take this how you will, but if you are willing to take AAS to improve your body or performance you may want to reconsider your lifestyle. I will not pass judgment on your choices, but take your health into account.


I am a ex pot smoker and i can say yes by all means pot has a phsycological downside by far i am not a guru here. ut i can say marijuana alters perception and attitude for weeks after use


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I once downed a dbol dose with a swig of beer. Is that bad? lol


In my opinion sometimes scientific research doesn't equate to real world results. I totaled 1958lbs at my last APF meet at 220lbs and I cycle on and off steroids. My typical pre meet cycle is tren/dbol/proviron or tren/test/proviron and I drink every weekend with my training partners if I'm not trying to drop weight. My liver values are normal and my cholesterol, etc. is as great off cycle and passable on cycle.

I know many guys who have much better diets (including abstaining from alcohol) and use a lot more shit than I do and don't total nearly as much. Is some of it genetics and limb lengths/levers, etc.? I think so, but I think that worrying about drinking once a week or so IN MODERATION (2-4 beers typically for me) is majoring in the minor as far as strength training is concerned.

Another example would be Brian Swabb and the guys at Orlando Barbell. I was lucky enough to bench with them a few times and almost every day after benching on saturday they all go out for beer and food...Swabb included and he is currently the strongest 148lb lifter in the world.


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EDIT: I read the other thread about this. Unfortunatel not very funny, but I posted a response.


everyone is different yet to recommend drinking while on gear is not something people should do. The best advice would to be not to drink at all, of course 2 drinks might not do anything but you don't know. The way this guy came off at first was he was going to drink or smoke after working out which is ridiculous if he did that every time he worked out.


i didnt mean i was going to drink after working out . like just on weekends and when i was on my last cycle sometimes i whould smoke after working out . it help relax me. just wanted to hear if yall thought that was bad to do ?