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Pot and Bodybuilding


Hey all,

For the past 2 years of my life, I had been a hardcore pot-head. Smoked before school, after school, before work, after work, sometimes before I worked-out and before I went to sleep. (Much to my suprise, if I had smoked before a training session, I found myself in a more concentrated state of mind.) I probably spent around 60 dollars a week on pot (I know that some people spend a shit load more, but I smoked it all to myself). Yes, I was a greedy bastard.

Recently, within the past year, I've made an honest effort to cut it down as my income can only support this habit to such an extent, and I have. However, I can't quit. It's not a psychological addiction, I don't crave it, but every night after a workout, I'll smoke a bowl or two as I find it an excellent sleep-aid. I really don't do it anymore to feel high, I find it extremely useful to put myself to sleep. And whenever I run out, I find myself calling anyone who can sling me some pot; any day that I don't have any, I find myself struggling to go to sleep.

I'm really trying to pack on some muscle and even with this habit I packed on 20 lbs. the first year I started working out, and have put on 4 lbs. within the past 5 months. Does anyone know if this could possibly be impairing my muscle growth? I wouldn't think that it would considering I only do it at night time as a sleep-aid but it has always been a wonder on my mind. Even though in my opinion I have made tremendous progress, I want to make sure that I am gaining the most that my body will allow. If anyone can give me some insight on this topic it would be greatly appreciated.


There are numerous threads discussing marijuana use in athletes/bodybuilders.

Here is one:

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If your happy with your gains, don't stress it. By the way, be prepared for a deluge of ignorant posts telling you that pot will fry your brain, pot is evil, your penis will shrink, your testoserone will plummet, and how much of a loser you are for smoking pot, beer is fine, but pot, oh my god...


  1. $60 a week on pot isn't that outrageous. but imagine how much you wouldve saved if you bought it in oz's instead of eighthers.

  2. it is a psychological addiction, because it sure isnt' a physical one. you need to get past the denial phase (and blazing phase altogether).

  3. smoking that often, do you even get high anymore? be honest. you don't.

  4. good luck man. you can clean this up on your own if you really want to.


Please, not again


I don't think it's doing your muscle gaining efforts TOO much harm. But it's not a good thing and obviously cutting down as much as possible is a good thing.


Sorry bout the pyschological addiction...what I meant to type was physical..and you're right about that..

But, I do still get high, it's not like goofy JP giggling-over-stupid-shit high, it's more of I'm extremely calm and relaxed, and very drowsy.


Great way to go through life-ay

I'm not here to bash ya man, but come on. Time to grow up and move on. I'm not down on the ocassional buzz, believe me there are times I wish.....
Anyways, high all the time ain't no way to go through life.
You only get one shot ya know.


Bro in all honesty I used to do the samething. For the first half a year or more of working night shift I would have to smoke my self to sleep or I just wouldn't feel right and would struggle to get sleep.
I now take melatonin some ZMA and sleep great. Smoking for me slowed me down too much to keep up with my weight training. I know I am far more active in the gym and in many other facits of my life now that I no longer smoke.
Good luck


Thanks alot for your input. Even though I'm trying to look for an excuse to quit, I know that I should regardless...I'm definately going to look into buying some ZMA from Biotest. IT'S CHEAP AS HELL!


Don't sweat it. Just cut it down, say to yourself, one joint in the morning, one in the evening. I like to smoke right before working out as the two combined seem give me an incredible rush. It actually increases your metabolism, too. You can do conditioning to keep your lungs working well. The only drawback I can think of is that it may have slight estrogenic effects, and that fat stores toxins. It is FAR better than drinking, which I would imagine many here partake in.

  • This post is for entertainment purposes only. I do not partake or condone any above said behavior. :slight_smile:


Try a week without the herb, I'll bet you like the results


I think your path is simple; just answer this question: what's more important to you?

Seriously. If you have a goal, ask yourself if what you are doing is getting you to that goal. I cannot say how much pot-smoking is impeding your progress, but I'm pretty sure it's not helping!

I changed a lot of behaviors and radically altered what I ingest because I don't want to shortchange myself when it comes to working out and LBM gain. How serious is your commitment to the workouts and LBM gain? Once you determine that, everything else will fall into place.


I don't think of pot as being much different from drinking, other than the effects being different. I even think a stoned person is less dangerous to others than a drunk person. Some people prefer one over the other but is is pretty much the same kind of thing.

What concerns me here is not the that he likes to get a buzz or the threats to his brain and penis, although I would be worried about my lungs at this point if I were him. What conserns me is his need to have pot in his system all day to the point where he even smokes before work. Imagine someone who wakes up and has a few drinks right away and drinks before work. That would be a pretty serious alcoholic. The other thing is the need to smoke to be able to fall asleep. Needing to drink before sleeping is a classic sign of alcoholism. I don't think the seriousness of his addiction should be understated because it is just pot and not alcohol.

And finally Kael, to quote Dan John;

"Don't take supplements if you don't buckle your seat belt. (Think this one through from a cost-to-benefit perspective.)"

Taking ZMA or adding some mass wouldn't be my first concern with regard to my body if I were you. You have bigger problems to adress first.


In my opinion, anyone that smokes anything, whether it be cigarette or crack, deserves to die. How could somebody do that shit to there body, and think nothing of it? You want to gain weight and be healthy? Quit that shit.

I have never touched a drug in my life, and I never will. I won't even eat candy, or drink soda; I as sure as hell ain't going to do drugs period.

Get you life together and your act,


Do you want a medal?


It?s not enough that you don?t smoke, everyone that does not see the errors of his ways has to DIE!

Tonight I shall smoke a big, fat, joint just for you.


Or maybe two, we?ll see...


Do you feel by flaming the poster that you'll get your message across?

Don't be a tool


No, that is not my point nor my motive. My point that I am trying to get across is that he, along with some of the other poster on this forum, are idiots.

They can either except this, or change it.


You must be a real hoot to hang around with.