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Postworkout Supplements?

For any of you follow a low carb diet like T-Dawg, do you take ala with your postworkout shake? Is it important?

YES! You need to take a PWO drink like Surge after working out, no matter what diet you’re on.

Out of curiosity, did you read the t-dawg 2.0 article? It says on lifting days you get 100g carbs, which is plenty amount of carbs for a pwo.

Even on the velocity diet, which is the most extreme low carb diet on here, Shugart still says use Surge post workout.

I know about the post-workout shake, I was asking is it important or not to take r-ala or ala with it.

nope tried it didnt do a damn bit of good and Dave Barr’s article recently stated that it may be a hinderance (BAD) for non diabetics I suggest you read it.

That said following T-dawg2 after the workouts you should have NO worry that those few carbs are going to refill glycogen without any supp. aids.